Juno Brings Campus Fun to Halt

By Jillian Weynand

Photo Courtesy of Office of Campus Activities

Winter storm Juno brought this semester to a halt before any of the fun could begin.

When Juno threatened to bring nearly 30 inches of snow to Long Island last week, it kept its promise.  The blizzard brought nearly two and a half feet of snow to the east end of Long Island and two feet of snow to the Ammerman Campus.

The college made the decision on Sunday evening to close all three campuses for Tuesday, Jan. 27th as well as Wednesday, Jan. 28th in preparation for one of the biggest storms the island would see.  Closing the college meant cancelling numerous activities college wide like sports events as well as one of the first major common hour events for the spring semester: “Activities Day”.

“Activities Day” was expected to be held college wide at all three campuses on Jan. 28th.  It has been rescheduled for Feb. 4th during common hour throughout the college, as long as the college is not closed due to inclement weather again.

This blizzard seems to be a foreshadowing of a grisly winter for this year; another storm is expected to roll in with this week’s cold front that is due to roll in early Monday morning.

Student representatives from clubs around the college are hopeful that the weather won’t keep “Activities Day” from happening again.  “Activities Day” is the opportunity for over 50 clubs to showcase themselves and for students to “shop around” and learn what the college has to offer for co-curricular life.

Last semester “Activities Day” was held on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon during common hour and hundreds of students attended the event.  There was plenty of fun to be had and live music in Veterans Plaza.  The Campus Activities Board gave out gadgets like iPod speakers, flash drives, and water bottles, while representatives from the Office of Campus Activities gave out vouchers to students who visited the tent to answer a few questions about what clubs struck their interest.

The Office of Campus Activities was very happy with the turnout for the event.  “Activities Day” was a great platform last semester for students to join clubs or create new clubs at their campus as well as get involved around the college.

I believe that being a part of co-curricular life on campus is the best way to get the most out of your time at the college.  “Activities Day” is the kick off to the semester and definitely the way many students get into school spirit.

“Activities Day” will be held during common hour on Feb. 4th in the Babylon Student Center.

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