Blizzard Juno in intense battle with Nor’easter Nemo

By Kristina Nolan


Photo Courtesy of Kristina Nolan

Nemo and Juno are not only the names of leading roles featured in popular films, but has now become the ‘face’ of the most recent snow storms in the tri-state area. New York specifically received record breaking snowfall, with reports of 31’ in some areas. The degree in which we have reached in recent years has toppled those we have had in the past. Unfortunately the readiness and fast reaction that are expected and critical during snow storms was not fully implemented during both storms leaving residents of the affected areas very upset.

Kathy Mule, a Suffolk County resident, expressed her disappointment, “ It was upsetting not knowing when we would be able to get out of our development. Thank God no one needed emergency services because I don’t know if they would received assistance in time. My husband actually had to give a police man a ride to a house in the development when his squad car got stuck on the corner.”

Both the Nor’easter Nemo in February 2013 and blizzard Juno in 2015 have been record breakers, Nemo was an eyeopener to the power and raft that mother nature can unleash. Juno also has brought lots of snow and wind but not to the degree of Nemo. Many have been comparing the two storms not only because of their velocities, but also their time proximity being only two years apart. During Nemo there were many people whom were left stranded in their homes because they had not been plowed out, some were entrapped for 3 or more days.

Another Suffolk County resident, who wished not to be named. Said, “My daughters and I actually hiked through the snow to our friends around the block to socialize, we were stuck in the house for three days and just had to get out.”

There has been many discrepancies and criticisms that has followed this storm such as, the Superintendent of Highway Safety Edward Romaine who was in Jamaica at the time of the record snowfall, as well as Highway Superintendent Michael Murphy who did not report for his position because of a toothache. Murphy later resigned from his position after much criticism for his inaction during the storm. As it seemed that there was no preparation done for this storm. Why is it that it seemed like we were blindsided by the velocity of the storm when for days before we were fair warned.

Now it is to be understood that a storm with that kind of power is hard to ‘control’, but it is unacceptable that so many were left without power, stranded and scared. With the most recent snowstorm Juno many have been comparing it to Nemo, as News Channels sent out their warnings about Juno they would show clips, pictures and reports from Nemo. Anyone who lived through Nemo knew to take the warning seriously in fear of having another blizzard like that. Gas stations, grocery stores, The Home Depot, Lowe’s all were flooded with people who were buying the ‘necessities’ to brave the storm whether that be the basic; butter, milk, eggs or buying a new snow blower, nobody wanted to be left unprepared.

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