Top Ten Things We Love to Hate About Snow


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

By Stephanie Lemus

Every year the winter season buries citizens with tremendous amount of snow. Although its appearance seems beautiful after it has been fluttered across the streets of our neighborhoods, there are several cons that make most of us despise the sight of the snow.

Listed below are the main top ten reasons most people agree and dread during the winter snowing season.

  • Getting Stuck

Most drivers’ worst nightmares and scenario is being stranded in the middle of a street, left helpless during any horrible weather condition.

  • Packed groceries store

Any time we hear meteorologists on the news announcing a major storm headed our way, people prepare themselves, their families, and their homes as if the world is coming to an end.

  • Shoveling

Who enjoys shoveling?

  • Long gas station lines

Another common thing before a leading snow storm becomes extensive; there are usually lines of cars ready to buy gas from local gas stations. Our first initial reaction may be: ‘where will you all go during these horrible weather conditions?’ but believe it or not, most people pick up the gas for enough fuel on generators just in case of a power outage.

  • Parking Spaces

For most people that do not have permission to be excused from work or are obligated to attend school, deal with parking their cars, but the snow buries the lines at parking lots, and that leaves the driver to figure out where the lines of the parking spot is actually located, and they magically figure out where to park their car safely without letting it interfere with others who have to deal with the exact situation.

  • Traffic

This adds on to another “dreadful” list to all public transportation, commuters, and drivers.

  • Dirty Snow

Snow looks absolutely perfect when it first flutters down from the sky, but after 24 hours it is disgusting to even look at.

  • Plowing the roads

Most towns are on top of their communities’ roads, but other towns can be appalling during these horrible weather circumstances. Some can take a full week to recover certain parts in a neighborhood. Most times, plowing results in potholes.

  • Make-Up days

There is nothing better than getting notifications that schools will be closed during a blizzard, until we receive an alert that state make-up days.

  • Cautious walking

Probably every individual’s fear is slipping and falling in public! I am sure it has happened to each and every one of us at one point in time in our lives but it is definitely not a pretty picture or feeling! It’s great if no one saw us but most times that is not the case and every winter we all have to be aware of the ground and where we step.

“I just hate driving in it, shoveling most especially,” Faseeha Naeem, Stony Brook student, said. “Having to start my car early for it to get warm, not enough parking spaces, people driving slow, all the accidents, and traffic is just terrible,” Naeem adds.

“Waking up early to clean the snow off the car and heating it up to avoid being late to work, it gets extremely annoying” Vanessa Diaz, 21, bank teller at Bethpage, said.

Residents on Long Island show similarities and agree with the consequences the snow brings.

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