From Work to School and Back Again


Jake Hillenbrand has a faced pace life but wouldn’t want it any other way.

By Robert Mantesta

“I go from class to work then end up in my bed ready to wake up and do it all over again”. That is how Jake Hillenbrand, a liberal arts major, describes his life.

Hillenbrand goes to school Monday thru Thursday while working just about everyday at Southward Ho Country Club. At the club, he does a little bit of everything that deals with golf. From caddying, to picking up balls on the driving range to cleaning clubs, he does it all.

From the classroom to the golf course, exhaustion is obvious. However, the 20-year-old Hillenbrand said he doesn’t mind his weekly schedule. “I like it actually because it keeps me moving and staying busy”.

Hillenbrand is not one to be found laying on the couch watching television during is off days. The gym is one of his favorite places to go as it helps him relax and relieve stress.

“Jake is a kid who just keeps running around no matter what he does. I honestly don’t understand how he doesn’t stop and rest”, Chris Saltys, a co-worker of Hillenbrand said.

Saltys has been working alongside Hillenbrand for the last three years and could not say a bad thing about him. “He is a hard working kid who loves to be out in the world”, Saltys said.

The fast pace life of Hillenbrand is nothing out of the ordinary for him because before the golf course, he was working with his dad in construction. This was back in high school but the work was just as demanding as it is now Hillenbrand said.

“The construction job with my dad was fun but it is nothing like the golf course. I really feel it couldn’t get any better than this”, Hillenbrand added.

Another co-worker of Hillenbrand’s, Chris Murkerson added on to what Saltys had said earlier. “Jake is a kid who will come to work and be at work. He won’t focus on anything else but what he has to do when he’s there with you”.

With all the time spent at work, Hillenbrand still somehow finds time to study and take care of his schoolwork. He has maintained a 3.4 GPA and says that no matter the circumstances he knows school is always most important.

“There are times where I don’t want to go to class and sleep in but at the end of the day it wouldn’t benefit me in the long run”, Hillenbrand said.

Hillenbrand plans on transferring to Farmingdale State next fall and continues to take on the heavy workload at the golf course.

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