Are Regents Important?

Regents tests are made out to be something we have to take and pass, no exceptions.

Regents tests are made out to be something we have to take and pass, no exceptions.

By Robert Mantesta

A final at the end of the semester is okay but having to take a regents exam
that supposedly meant a lot for college was not ideal. These regents were made
out to be something that would be unforgiven if we failed. The other thing was
the difference between graduating with a regular regents diploma or an advanced
regents diploma.

My high school guidance counseler let me know however that
these two had no effect on my acceptances to college. For my parents and I, a regents diploma and an advanced regents diploma meant nothing to us. The only thing that mattered to us was that I stayed on top of my work and graduated. Not to mention that these were New York State given and not every state had them.

I eventually applied to a few out-of-state schools that did not even care about a regents exam. The school that I first went to, SUNY Purchase had told me that they didn’t care about what type of regents diploma I had or took because the grades as a whole as well as the character of a person is what makes the decision.

These teachers spend countless classes telling us how important these
tests are and getting us ready for something that will not matter. As students we get put into categories on how far we went in our high school career. By doing this, some students may be hurt emotionally because they are basically saying we are not smart enough to get an advanced regents diploma. Taking a test and seeing our results should never tell how smart a person is because some of the most successful people today have not finished college let alone high

I believe teachers and schools pinpoint the wrong things that we should
be taught. My high school guidance counselor said that just about half the
students she had that went to college didn’t graduate with an advanced regents diploma. Why stress students with these kinds of tests when they won’t matter with whatever grade we get. The pressure of taking a test is hard enough so why bring more pressure saying colleges put some focus on them.

I never got an advanced regents diploma and I think I am turning out fine. Although I did fail out of my old school, it was not because my outcome of the regents exam but other dumb choices I made.

I feel that regents exam in no way determine your
future but you as a person and the choices you make will. I wish they would get us ready for the real world instead of making us living in the new york state dream world of tests deciding our future.

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