Women’s Club Meeting

securedownload  By Theresa Tudisco

The first women’s club started at Suffolk County Community College in 1971 by professor Sandra Emmachild. Emmachild had written an invitation in the Compass News for everyone to come and attend their women’s club meeting. The only person that showed up was the editor of Lilith. Together they put out the word about the meeting and eventually, more people came to the meetings. The meetings now are ran by Professor Gertrude Postl, who has been doing this for 20 years; and when she is available, Professor Alison Garber. Rachel Santiago has been the president of the Women’s club for two semesters. Depending on the topic, Rachel often stands up front and discusses the topic of the day. The topics for the meetings are always open. The topic of the meeting I had attended, was Transgender. “Feminists do not want to include women whose sex are born male because older feminists don’t agree with the lifestyle.” says Molly Smith, who is a student at Suffolk. She started the discussion regarding issues in the transgender world. The discussions during the meeting were about how transgender people are treated in society and what people consider the definition of transgender. “I’m saying that they are not as clear cut as people believe that is the intersex line. But how you live your physiological makeup is already determined by the culture you are in and by your environment. This old separation between sex has nothing to do with culture or psychology and then gender has everything to do with culture and psychology.” Replies Postl. In 2008, there was a study carried out to attempt to find a link between genes and transsexualtiy. There were 112 male to female transsexuals that had already gone through hormone treatment. The male to female transsexuals were more likely to have a longer rendition of a receptor gene for sex hormones or testosterone.   While searching for celebrities who have gone through the transformation to a transgender, Molly had pulled up Chaz Bono’s website. Bono who was born Chasity, was often outed as a lesbian. Betwixt 2008 and 2010, Bono underwent female-to-make gender transition. There were numerous discussions during the meeting about society being prejudice against transgender and how their physical organs does not represent how they feel. Many people are born as one sex, male for example, and then throughout their lives, feel more female than male. Several people throughout the world are familiar with the terms gay and lesbians, but are hardly ever educated on the bisexual and transgender of the world. Cassie, who is the current editor of Lilith, and member of the Women’s club, chimed in about how people ” express their identity to identify with whatever words they want, but it is the question, does liking masculine things necessarily mean you have to identify as male?.” A transgender person may have attributes that are typically associated with a particular gender, and experience a period of time that includes understanding one’s self-image, reflection and expression. More specifically, the point to which individuals feel authentic, and comfortable within their external appearance and accept their genuine identity is referred to as transgender congruence. The issues on the subject of transgender was mainly discussed by Postl and Garber. “They assume if somebody trans into a women, they are more of a woman than women who were born with female genitalia.” Declares Postl.

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