The Lego Movie Hits The Sagtikos Theater

By Karina Baxter

photo taken by Karina Baxter

photo taken by Karina Baxter.

The Lego movie, which premiered at the Sagtikos Theater at the Grant campus, was hit with over 80 individuals attending. The main population consisted of young children ranging from four to 18. The movies had lots of humor and great computer animated visuals.

The plot was about a wizard named Vitruvius, who went out of his way to protect a super weapon called the “Kragle.” Vitruvius wanted to keep the weapon away from the villain, Lord Business. Failing to do so, Lord Business captures the kragle and is plotting to freeze the world.

After Eight and a half years, a construction worker named Emmet Brickowski finds the Piece of Resistance after falling in a hole in his construction site. He investigates it with a woman named Wyldstyle. When Emmet touches it he receives visions and faints. When he returns to consciousness the Piece of Resistance is connected to him on his back and he is stolen by one of Lord Business’ lieutenant.

Under custody of Business, Emmet learns about his master plan. During the movie Wyldstyle rescues Emmet and introduces him to Vitruvius. Her and Vitruvius are builders who don’t need instruction manuals to build magnificent things and are disappointed with Emmet’s creativity. This later will change when he recalls visions of a humanoid deity called “the Man Upstairs”.

The events of the story are being played out in the mind of a boy named Finn. His imaginations are creatively partaking on his father’s Lego set in a basement. During the movie, the father of the boy is “the Man Upstairs,” and is not happy with Finn playing with his Lego set.

Emmet, who found himself stuck in the real world, tries his best to get Finns attention in hopes of getting his friends out of danger with Business. Finn returns Emmet and fights against Business.

Towards the end of the movie, Finn’s father looks at his creations and is rather impressed on his imagination and didn’t realize that the villainous Lord Business was a reflection on how Finn looks at him. He allows Finn to play with his Legos.

Business put a cap on the Kragle with the Piece of Resistance and unglues his victims after being enlightened by pep talk made by Emmet. This was an emotional part of the movie and made many members in the audition react in a compassionate way.

Movie night is a great way to bring family members together and enjoy a night out without feeling the burden of expensive movie theaters. The Lego movie was a huge success with a lot of members in the local community coming together and enjoying a night out filled with laughter and excitement.

Before or after the movie, canned goods were requested for donation by individuals who attended the movie. All donations will be placed into a food pantry and will be distributed to needy families on campus.

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