Poetry with a modern twist

By Taylor Alessi

Who knew poetry could be so inspiring? the Hip-Hop Poetry Night certainly inspired me and from the audiences reactions made for a good time for all those in attendance.

Student by the name of "Bright" performs a music mashup in hip-hop style

Student by the name of “Bright” performs a music mashup in hip-hop style

The Grant Campus held one of its three Hip Hop Poetry Night’s of the semester on Friday, May 2nd.

Conspire Lyrics is the name of the club that is offered to the students, ran by Professor Mahabir. Conspire Lyrics meets at the Grant campus in Brentwood “every thursday throughout the semester from 3:30-5:30 p.m.” said Mahabir.

The Hip Hop Poetry Night was an open mic setting, allowing for anyone in the audience to sign up and perform. The event started at 6:30 p.m. There had been a sign up sheet passed around before the event had started, giving those willing to perform the opportunity. Complimentary food and beverages were provided in the back of the room.

Around 25 audience members were in attendance to the event.

“I heard about this event through mutual friends, this is my first time at one of these, I’m here to support my friends. I’m excited it should be interesting!”  Student Crystal Beckles said.

Shemika Barnes, student apart of the club performed her poem that silenced the audience. Barnes performed “Let the rain drops fall” a writing of her own. “I submitted a poem to the school paper in which it was published.” when asked if she is active in writing at the college. Shemika’s poem was powerful and left the room silent just before it erupted in loud applause.

Multiple performances of heartfelt poetry that expressed raw emotion were performed.

The poetry and music performed can only be truly appreciated by hearing the rawness and powerful tones of the speakers and their voices.

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