How To Plant Sunflower Seeds


By Ariel Ransom

The Spring weather is finally heating up, birds are singing their song, and the flowers are all in joyous bloom. This is the perfect season to get started with gardening, and tap into your inner “green thumb,” with a little planting. No other flower screams “perfect spring flower,” like the Sunflower does, and this article will teach you the proper way to plant your very own Sunflower to soak up the sunny weather with.

What You Will Need:

Sunflower Seeds

Semi-Moist Potting Soil

Spray Bottle



Planting Pot Of Your Choice

  1. For beginners, planting can be a full time job of worrying about your plant, wondering if the seeds are getting enough water, and trial and error mixed with failure to keep your plants alive. So, it is best to start with on Sunflower seed in your planter, because it is very overwhelming dealing with more than one seed.

    My Sunflower growing outside in it's planter pot

    My Sunflower growing outside in it’s planter pot

  2. It is best to soak your desired amount of Sunflower seeds overnight before planting them. The water penetrates the hard layer of the Sunflower seeds, and makes them more receptive to growing healthy, faster, and large. Place your seeds in a container, and fill it with warm water, letting the Sunflower seeds soak overnight,

  3. Once ready to start planting, take notice of the planting instructions on the back of the seed packet. Memorize it, read it, and understand it! It’s very important to understand that the Sunflower seed takes 10-14 days to germinate, or grow from a tiny seed, and that the flower won’t burst from the soil the minute you plant it.

  4. Taking your desired plant pot, fill it half way to the brim of the container with the semi-moist planting soil using your Trowel. Also, pat lightly on the soil to compress it down once finished filling your container. But, be extra careful not to compact or press down too firm on the soil! You want your seeds to grow through the soil and feel the water penetrate through. So, a light dab on the soil is recommended.

  5. Now, taking your freshly soaked seeds, dig a ¼”- ½” depth. If you are planting only one seed, dig this planting depth in the center of your pot, but if you are planting more than one Sunflower seed, plant these depths but with six inch spacing between each seed. It is important to maintain six inches in spacing so the roots won’t tangle, the flowers won’t take any more sun than necessary, and that your Sunflowers can grow healthy without any disturbances.

  6. Cover your seeds over with a bit of soil.

  7. Then, taking your spray bottle, filled with water of the same temperature as the environment you wish to place your potted Sunflower, spray water over your buried seeds. You do not want to over water them or water them too little, you want an even balance. The spray bottle provides a light watering, for simply pouring water onto your plants can drown them.

  8. Place your potted seeds in the sun, in artificial light, or in your windowsill. Either place is ideal as long as they get sunlight!

  9. Make sure to water your Sunflower seedling twice a day, checking the soil to confirm it is semi-moist. Sunflowers need adequate amounts of water to grow.

  10. With consistent care and love, your Sunflower shall pop from the ground within several days!


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