Suffolk Honors goes mobile

Honors students are taking a breather from textbooks and flashcards to practice on-foot learning in the fresh air. Students Venture beyond campus to cultivate character and acquire knowledge beyond the classroom.    
   on April 18 students will depart from the Ammerman Campus and begin their journey to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. On their way to the memorial students will make pit-stops in Downtown Manhattan, Chinatown and the Financial district while stopping along the way to view historical sites including The Trinity Church, Federal Hall, the Irish Hunger Memorial and the Fraunces Tavern.   
   According to Professor Matthew Zisel, Honors Club advisor, the Honors trips offer not only educational benefits, but work to eradicate the barriers between faculty and students. Zisel describes the Honors trips as “experiential learning,” or “city as text” experiences.
   “There are all types of learning that can occur, but it’s impossible to remember everything you read in a textbook; climbing to the top of Bunker Hill is something you’ll never forget. The things that you learn outside of the classroom are just as vital as what you learn in them,” said Zisel.
   In addition, approximately 40 students will participate in The Honors trip to Boston on April 25; students will depart by bus at 6a.m. and return at approximately 10p.m. In Boston, students will walk through the Boston Commons, one of the first parks established in America, and the Massachusetts State House where local and state politicians, and the senate chamber are located. The Club will then embark on Boston’s Freedom Trail; the walking tour through the city streets will take students past numerous sites that played major roles in the founding of the United States including the site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall, some the oldest residential areas in the north end of Boston, Paul Revere’s home, ancient burial grounds, Charlestown and the Bunker Hill Monument.
   Freshman Megan Wright, has been involved in the Honor’s club since the September of 2013, and plans on attending the New York City, and Boston trips. Embarking on her first Honors Club event in late November, Wright traveled to New York City to take part in the Club’s Brooks Brother’s “dress for success” seminar. Arriving at Brooks Brothers students were educated on the “do’s and don’ts” of workplace attire. From hair and makeup, to coordinating pocket squares and shoe wear, students became enlightened on how to dress as the perfect interviewee.
   “It was unique experience. I mean, when will we ever have another chance to go into Brooks Brothers and be schooled by the best on the ins and outs of business wear? It was a highly informative opportunity,” Wright said.
   Wright also noted that aside from the educational aspect of the trip, she was exposed to new friendship opportunities, and from her involvement formed strong bonds with her peers whom have become her closest friends. Her positive experience led her to get involved with Hospice’s Children’s Christmas party that following December. During the event Wright was a “floater” which gave her the option of lingering from station to station, meeting countless children as opposed to sticking with one “buddy” as many of the other students did. She commented on the immense emotional impact working with children who has lost their loved ones had on her, and how seeing the children overcome such tragedies put life in a new perspective for her.
   “The trips bring us closer together as a club because we go through new experiences together, and they grow us as people. The charity events allow us to share that closeness and growth with the community; everything we do works together,” Wright said.
   Kristen Callahan, vice president of the Honors Club, attended the Boston trip last year and claims it was a hit. She was able to recall nearly everything she saw and experienced during her time there.
   “It’s interesting to see how the kids and faculty you meet in class act outside of school. Matt [Zisel] was cracking jokes left and right;it was absolutely hilarious. Spending that time together in a new place let’s you see each other in a different light” said Callahan.

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