Spring Sightings at Suffolk

Spring Sightings at Suffolk
By: Michaela Christman

Spring has finally sprung. Some warm weather is beginning to make its way into our area and as many students have predicted, our campuses strange sightings are multiplying.

Several students from both our Ammerman and Eastern Riverhead campus have noticed an increase in the amount of unusual activity around their campuses since the weather has gotten nicer. “I think this is partly because once it gets warmer out, students aren’t hiding inside for heat anymore; people tend to spend more time in the courtyard when it’s nice out,” said Jenna Park, a culinary major at the Riverhead campus.

As the weather warms up and our fellow students begin spending more of their time outside, we’re starting to see more of the “battling” with plastic weaponry that we’re all too accustomed to. “In the fall I saw a little bit of the play fighting going on in the yard, but now that it’s getting nice out I noticed that the kids in costumes are starting their fighting game back up again,” Evan VanDuzer, a freshman at Riverhead’s campus said.

Just a week ago a young man was seen running through a parking lot without shoes or socks on, dressed in what appeared to be his boxer-briefs. “I saw him running toward the Southampton building from parking lot eight last Monday, it was also raining pretty heavily outside,” said Devin Bucci, freshman liberal arts major. “I wanted to ask him what happened to his pants and shoes. I’m still curious as to where he was going without them,” she laughed.

“A girl in my math class was wearing a firefighter’s jacket as a dress the other day. That’s different, I haven’t seen anything like that before,” Benjamin Glew, a student at the eastern campus laughed. Glew continued by stating that it was “…actually really hot out that day, I don’t think she needed it to keep her warm.”

The Ammerman campus’ infamous Captain America has made a comeback this spring. According to our college’s parody twitter account, @OnlyAtSCCC, Captain America (whose real name has not been revealed) was spotted in Ammerman’s cafeteria two weeks ago. @OnlyAtSCCC posted a photo of the costumed young man and captioned the picture: “He’s back!!!”

“I’ve seen the guy dressed as Captain America around campus a few times, it’s weird but pretty funny. I wonder if he wears his costume to class every day,” Devyn Standish, a radio major at the Ammerman campus laughed.

“There’s a special breed that attends Suffolk,” a student wrote to the @OnlyAtSCCC twitter account. “I think that the ‘unique’ sightings are great. A lot of our students are definitely different which makes things interesting for everyone. We all need a little excitement in our lives,” Standish said.

“I hope we keep seeing unusual things around campus and I think we will,” Bucci said.
With the help of the warm weather, our interesting campus sightings are predicted to continue throughout the spring semester.

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