College takes leap to ban smoking on campus


 By Taylor Alessi

Suffolk County Community College has caused recent controversy over wanting to ban smoking cigarettes on all of the 3 campuses spread across suffolk county.

The recent idea that has been proposed wants to put a ban on smoking on the Ammerman, Brentwood and Riverhead college campuses. This idea was debated between the College Trustees in a recent meeting, they are positive the ban will be positive for the students attending the college.

According to Newsday 2,875 students and employees reacted and responded to the proposal of the ban on smoking on all SCCC campuses, news day stated that “almost 70 percent “strongly supported” or “somewhat supported” the community college becoming completely tobacco- and smoke free.”.

“I believe the College Trustees see it as a health issue…that second hand smoke provides a danger to nonsmoking students…secondarily there is a litter problem with there being cigarette butts being left all over the campuses.” Inter-Governmental Relations Coordinator Benjamin Zwirn said. “The survey was overwhelming in favor of a more restricted smoking policy for SCCC….I think its reflective of the College Community in General,” when Zwirn was asked is 2,875 students and employees being interviewed was a fair number to base the college becoming a tobacco and smoke free zone﹖

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.59.41 AM

Smoking on the campus is often seen being done between classes by both the students and the professors. With a ban on an activity that so many partake in, it makes one wonder will the college be able to get away with passing this ban﹖

“There should be designated areas for smoking so non smokers aren’t irritated by it,” student David Dimarzo said. This student wasn’t for or against the ban, the student thinks that there should be restrictions on where the smokers can go on campus. If the ban doesn’t get approved this opinion from the student could be one to think about for the college.

“Since the college is strictly a commuter school, I don’t think smoking should be banned on campus. Students come and go according to their own schedules so I think they should be able to smoke on their own schedule as well, as long as it is not in the buildings,” student Alyssa Meano said. This student was asked what their opinion was on the new smoking ban that is being speculated. This college student isn’t alone on this idea, the student interviewed earlier on in this article had a similar view on this ban. The college is a public place and by placing bans on smoking the result could be several angry college students.

The community college is looking out for its student and staff members health by enforcing this ban on smoking. The ban is still under speculation, the next step will be a public hearing held in March.

March 18th there is a public hearing at the County Legislature in the William Rogers Legislative Auditorium in Hauppauge at 6:30 p.m. for those who want more information regarding the ban can attend this hearing.

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