4 Tantalizing Tips For Stress Free Semester

By Karina Baxter

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching and the warm weather creeping up on campus, students are falling into summer mode. The sun will seem brighter and the air will feel fresher. But school is not over yet! While the semester is winding down, the workload may be piling up. By following these simple and easy steps, enrolled students can feel stress free for the last weeks of the semester. These rules have been designed to motivate people into a life changing routine that will leave the person well organized, maintain an effective timeliness and most importantly, become stress free.


Photo taken by Karina Baxter

  1. Organization Is Key: Buying a planner is one of the most important items any college student should own to keep organized. A student taking 12 or more credits can have a hectic schedule and might have a harder time keeping track of all the assignments. This is especially important toward the last coming month for test and assignments tend to be due the same month, week, even the same day. The organizer will be your new best friend, and a person will never have to worry about forgetting an assignment.
  1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! One of the most stressful things any one enrolled in classes can do for themselves is wait last minute to start an assignment. NEVER WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE. This is when a student can feel the most stressed. Some feel as though they work better under pressure when they are close to deadline. WRONG. So many things can come about delaying your assignment and possibly giving you a failing grade. The printer breaks, the printer runs out of ink, the computer shuts down, there is no more printer paper. A million and one things can happen that will be against your favor in delivering a well quality paper, never procrastinate.
  1. Break Down The Assignment: To insure that each student is not under an enormous amount of pressure, divide the paper out throughout the last coming weeks. Instead of doing a five-page paper in one sitting, do one page on a Monday, maybe two pages on Tuesday, finish it on Wednesday, and revise and edit it by Thursday. Do this for every assignment. This way the student consciously feels as though every assignment is being worked on and the overwhelming feeling of stress is completely cut out of the equation. Time should be used for you, not against you.
  1. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help: ASK FOR HELP. If there is a feeling of uncertainty about a particular assignment, ask the professor as soon as possible for assistance on leading you in the right direction. Show them the work in which is being constructed and ask them to look over it. If there is a big test coming up make sure to ask the professor what it is that everyone should be studying for.

Students, especially those who are graduating should enjoy every moment possible at school. By following these simple steps, no individual will have to feel the overwhelming and stressfulness the last month of college brings about.

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