“The Shrew” Hits Ammerman

By Taylor Alessi

I had the privilege of seeing “The Shrew” on Saturday, April 19. As soon as I had entered the theater and saw the set I was drawn in and intrigued as to what the show would bring.

The shrew playbill and admission ticket

“The shrew” playbill and admission ticket. Photo taken by Taylor Alessi

The audience was a full house, filled with audience members from young to old. The show began at 8 p.m.and had a run time of about an hour and half. The stage had an eery dim lighting, with a backdrop that was illuminated by dark blue stage lights. The background was life like trees with a house hidden behind. Before the show started background music filled the theatre and set an undertone for the play about to start.

“The Shrew” was written by Charles Marowitz and is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew.” The show transitions from Shakespearean times to modern day times. Although both have a big cultural gap between the two, the plot remains the same, but with a modern twist to it. The Shakespearean language being spoken forces the audience to listen to the words carefully, allowing for a full understanding of the plot. The characters “Kate,” played by Haylie Kinsler and “Petruchio,” played by Joe Sergio transitioned with the modern day versions of them named “He,” played by Rob Greene and “She,” played by Nikki Findel. The cast included 8 members, all from the college.

Jo Curtis Lester, Professor of theater directed the production. The direction of the show had the audience members attention on the stage at all times. Between scene changes the cast would pick up the set pieces and rearrange them while background music played on the dimly lit stage.

Alyssa Coia, Assistant to the Director, was also apart of the cast by playing “Grumio.”

“I’ve never worked on a show before where I was in the cast along with the creative team,” Coia said. The hard work of Coia and the cast and crew, had their hard work blossom on stage.

Presenting student ID allowed for free admission.Therefore, the main population were students.

“I thought it was well delivered and I felt every emotion,” student Jasmine LaRocca said.

“It was absolutely entrancing from start to finish. Amazing cast,set and costume design and brilliant director,” student Alex Natale said.

These two student reactions to the production couldn’t be anymore spot on. The show had a captivating quality from the actors, the set, and the lighting.

The show opened up on April 16 and will run until April 26 with performances at 8 p.m. and a final showing Sunday, April 27 at 2 p.m. This show is a sure crowd-pleaser with a plot to keep you drawn in.

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