Google Glasses Make Appearance at Computer Science Club Meeting Today

google glassesBy Sara Wagner

Imagine a pair of glasses that could function as cellphone, camera, and computer screen all in one.  According to the Computer Science Club at the Suffolk County Community College, these glasses are possible and are being created and sold as we speak.

Do you want to know more about these glasses?  Join Troy Hahn, the Associate Dean of Instructional Technology, for a discussion you wont forget!  Troy will be speaking at an event, hosted by the Computer Science Club, where he will discuss Google Glass and his experiences with it.  He will also discuss what he is currently developing and will answer any questions the audience may have.

Criminal Justice Major, Zekiye Sezer, is excited for this event.  “Normally I would not attend a speech or anything related to computers,” says Zekiye, “however, Google Glass is something that might become an important gadget in my life and the lives of students in the future, therefore I want to know as much about it as I can!”  Other students such as Meghan Barnes, liberal arts student, feel that all students should know about this event.  “I think that everyone attending college, and young people in general, should be aware of what is going on in the world of technology” says Meghan, “the future is happening whether we want it to or not, so it is important that we make it a point to know what is going on as far as gadgets.  Plus it doesn’t hurt to be technology savvy.”

This event will take place on Wednesday, April 23 from 11 am to 12:15 pm in room 233 of the Riverhead Building on campus.  The address of the college is 533 College Rd, Selden, NY 11784.  For more information or to download a map of the SCCC campus, please visit the college website at  You can also contact Troy or other members of the Computer Science Club by calling the College-Wide Office of Instructional Technology at 631-451-4656, or the Campus Activities Center at 631-451-4376.

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