College Provides HIV/STD Screening For Students

Flyer in the Babylon Student Center where Health Services is sponsoring the HIV/STD Screenings for students.

Flyer in the Babylon Student Center where Health Services is sponsoring the HIV/STD Screenings for students.

By Robert Mantesta

Why do we as students and a society tend to care about what other people think about what we take part in as well as us in general?

That was the message this past Thursday when the Grant Campus in Brentwood held an HIV/ STD Screening in the Captree building.

Health Services at both Ammerman and Grant Campuses hold these testing and screenings each week. They allow students to come in and get tested for any kind of Sexually Transmitted Disease with no charge.

While setting up for the four-hour-day, one nurse said that the total number of students that show up differ greatly because of the different times and days they are open.

However any type of turnout is good because it shows the younger population wanting to stay up to date with their personal being.

First year student Mason Medina was one of the first to show up and took some time to talk about why he decided to go through with it.

“I just want to have confirmation that I am okay” Medina said. “There is a feeling of relief I get when I understand that there’s no problems with myself internally”.

The procedure that the nurses go through to perform the test is actually pretty simple. They take a one swab of the mouth with a certain tool and you’re done.

The results will not be available right away, as they take a few months to get back but are definitely well worth the wait.

There has always been a sense of embarrassment from students to be seen going and getting tested but second year student Mike Skoller spoke as to why that is “absurd” to think.

“Why are we embarrassed to make sure that we don’t have any serious health problems with ourselves? Just because I want to know if I have a STD, I should be made fun of? That is the problem with some people. They tend to make jokes at the wrong times” Skoller said.

While talking to Mike, the emotion was pouring out.

That is why Health Services plan and set up these types of things for the students. They want them to get tested at school and not make it a whole day thing in a clinic.

There are flyers around campus and the times are on the website events calendar however some students still don’t realize that they can do that.

Chris Nast, a first year student, acknowledged that he has never heard of this type of thing at Suffolk but would like to try it out.

“I can probably speak for a lot of the male population when I say that this is a cool thing that we should take advantage of” Nast said.

Nast went on to say, “Who wouldn’t want to know how they stand when it comes to STD’s?”

Health Services want the students to take part in this and encourage it. They do understand the thoughts that would go through their head but the outcome is worth it.

The next testing will be held on the Ammerman Campus on Wednesday April 23 from 10-2 in the Babylon Student Center Lobby and Orient Point Room.



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