CAB Announces Exciting Upcoming Events

By Jim Ferchland

Originally, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) meeting was supposed to be held on Monday, Apr. 14. However, the meeting was cancelled to host a unique event, Arcade Day.

Deanna Keen, one of the three executive board members of CAB, explains on why they chose to host a day consisting of skee-ball, first-person virtual driving games, and other arcade activities instead of gathering as a group and discussing ideas and events for the college. “We wanted to test out how a Monday event worked out, and it was a huge success,” Keen said. Arcade day was planned by two CAB chair members, Sara Ostrowski and Alex O’Sullivan.

Keen did explain the upcoming events that CAB has conducted. The future events included the Broadway show Les Mis, which will be held on Apr. 22 but the prominent event is now sold out. CAB takes a coach bus to New York City from the college and they all go together and leave together. This is the first time that CAB is going to Les Mis, but they have Broadway plays every semester.

Cassie DeBellis, a music major, is attending the event and was completely astonished that CAB decided to host the Broadway show. “When I found out about Les Mis, I bought my ticket right away,” DeBellis exclaimed. “I am very excited.” Other events that CAB is hosting are the Talent show on Apr. 25, Spring Fest on Apr. 30, and Where’s Waldo on May. 7.

Keen informed that CAB has presented the Talent Show in the past , which is usually a huge success. “We have about twenty acts that will be performing that night,” Keen said. The Talent show will be held in the cafeteria. She also explained that Spring Fest is going to be a big event in Veteran’s Plaza. CAB is expecting a great turnout for that event since it’s being held in the plaza. Spring Fest has always been a big event for CAB because they provide an abundance of giveaways, games, and prizes and there’s no charge to students.

The board is hoping to host Where’s Waldo in the Veteran’s Plaza also but if it rains, they plan to move it into the Babylon Student Center. Where’s Waldo was started a year ago by Keen herself and she thought she came up with a great fun idea. “It had a great turnout”, Keen said. “I am going to have more people hiding and therefore more prizes.”

Jeffrey Hein, another executive board member of CAB, has high hopes for all the upcoming events CAB has to offer to the college. “I’m very excited for the upcoming events and I also have high expectations for them,” Hein said. “We always try to see if we have time for many different and new events into one semester especially because there is a lot going on and the end of the semesters gets crazy.”

CAB is really attempting to make an impact on the students, staff, and faculty in the college by providing pure and creative entertainment. The campus organization is also looking for members and if students want to join, contact CAB at 631-451-4835 or at

Along with other campus events, a CAB poster located in the Babylon Student Center  persuades students on campus to join their organization and provides their contact information.

Along with other campus events, a CAB poster located in the Babylon Student Center persuades students on campus to join their organization and provides their contact information.

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