The Concert Heard ‘Round The Music Department


By Joshua Blake


The Guitar Society helped put together a concert in room H-20 of South Hampton recently. Jazz guitarist Tim Siciliano accompanied by bassist Ratzo B. Harris and drummer Anthony Pinciotti, put on a spectacular performance.



The show kicked off with a bang and right away you could tell that the amount of experience each musician presented was second to none. Mr. Siciliano had incredible poise, while occasionally swaying his head and body to the beat of the music in a hypnotic fashion. It appeared as though he was dreaming at times, or perhaps the listener was.



The trade-offs were elegant. Mr. Harris would have a solo section at some point in each song that made onlookers shake their heads in disbelief. Mr. Harris played a stand up bass. “That’s the generic term,” he says. The correct term is a Merchant Vertical Stick Bass. “Once you master this [stick bass] you can outplay that [bass guitar].” Harris – who’s been playing since he was a toddler – was inspired by his father – an aspiring Jazz musician. Mr. Pinciotti has been drumming since he was young, too. He was excellent on drums as well, and he also had his solo sections where he shined – they all did. And every so often the audience would clap, to which the group smiled at in thanks.



After the show, the trio received loud applause, and many students talked with each member. Everyone was star-struck. Events like these bring people together. “It’s funded by their power,” said Freshman Andrew Pitcher, Vice President of Suffolk’s Guitar Society. Starting on April 26tth ,.Suffolk is hosting it’s Inaugural Guitar Festival. Everything starts at 12:00 p.m. There will be two concerts – one by a guitar quartet, and another by a classical guitarist. Pitcher said that “I know a lot of kids that don’t know about Suffolk’s music program.”

This event isn’t just for people who play instruments, or can read sheet music – it’s for everyone. Tim Siciliano will be at the festival conducting a workshop. Guitar Society President, Peter Catalano, also wishes the Guitar Festival becomes an annual event. “You’re gonna see the different aspects of what goes on,” said Catalano.



Both hope that the festival will inspire non-musicians to pick up an instrument. So, if you’re ever down in the lower level of South Hampton walk by room H-20 and you may just become inspired by the sounds of music being played, just like students were at the concert put on by Mr. Siciliano

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