Snow Day Make-up: We Have To Come In When?


By Theresa Tudisco

As children, we all can pretty much agree, that snow days were the best days ever. School was cancelled, you were able to play in the snow and watch unlimited television all day. The idea of making up the snow day never crossed our minds. That thought never crossed my mind as a college student, but it does now.
Due to all the snow days we had, the school requires us to come in Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are many students that attend SCCC who go to class Monday through Friday and work on the weekends. So how can the school pick a Saturday to make-up one of the snow days? Our Spring break is coming up, why can’t they take a day from there, so that way we can keep our Saturday?
“Honestly, if I don’t have a final or test day, I’m not going. Saturdays are not school days. “Brigette, who asked that only her first name be used, is Music major at SCCC. I went on social media and asked some students who go to Suffolk, their opinions about this Saturday class, and if they are going to attend this make-up day or not.
All of the students have the same reaction. Saturday is our day to unwind from the week, and for others it is the time they have to work so they can afford to go to school. Samantha Dureya “thinks it’s ridiculous. I go to school all week and I’m only able to work on the weekends. It’s not fair that I have to miss work.”
On the Calendar of Events on the SCCC website, Sunday May 18th, is graduation. That must be the reason why the school chose to have a make-up class on Saturday. Will it really affect students who are graduating in May if they do not attend that make-up class? After all, it is not just students who will have to come in, its teachers and faculty also.
Did the school take this into consideration that many students will have to miss work to come in for this make-up day? Or that maybe the faculty members can’t come in on a Saturday because they have their own lives and children to attend to? The school allows the students a certain amount of absences for each class, so I am wondering if people will be using that to absence to not attend that make-up day.

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