SGA Prepares For Upcoming Election

By Karina Baxter

The Student Government Association (SGA) will be promoting the spring 2014 student body election, which will take place from April 14-17, as discussed at the SGA meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at the Mildred Green Room, in the Babylon Student Center.

The members of SGA will be visiting clubs and classes over the next two weeks, introducing the election and how students can vote. The association will be passing out mini-flyers, as well as posting large posters and banners around campus to inform the student body.

“We [SGA] try to assist the candidates in every way as far as letting people know about the elections, but they-the candidates- are responsible for letting people know that they are running,” student Sen.  Jonathan Millings said.

During the election dates, students can log onto the MySCCC student portal homepage and vote, or can locate a live voting booth and select their favorite candidate.

As of right now, many students are not aware about the campaign.

“Oh, no. I didn’t know there was an election coming up, good to know,” student Erica Cook said.

Some students draw a conclusion that because they are in a two-year commuting institution, the individual who represents the student body is less important.

“I could care less,” student Anna Ferrari said. “I go to class and I leave.”

When attempting to ask association President Alvarado his opinion on this matter, and how SGA will encourage students to become involved in government affiliated events, no response was made.

Applications for the spring elections will be due no later than March 28. Candidates will not be revealed until all applications are submitted.

11 people attended the SGA meeting, nine in which were members. Sen. J. Joseph, A. Cheslock, J. Millings, C. Nquyen, K. Altamirano, Vice President O. Oniyide, President A. Alvarado, Treasurer V. Pantorno, Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development Sharon Silverstein, student journalist Karina Baxter, and Renee Senzatimore.

The treasurer’s report was the first topic discussed at the SGA meeting, revealing the group has a remainder of $3,233.54 for the spring 2014 semester.

With no response from President Alvarado in regards to the report, there is no recent update on how the money will be distributed throughout this semester.

New business was addressed to the table as President Alvarado led the group into discussion about Earth Day.

Earth Day is held every year on April 22, and is a day where organizations schedule events to promote environmental protection and help clean up local communities.

Last year, SGA and a group of volunteers set up a table and collected 4689.4 grams of cigarette filter butts. The group, which collected the most butts, would receive a pizza party. The Anime Club won but never contacted SGA to receive their prize.

Around thirty people attended this event and President Alvarado said it was the best turn out they had ever had.

This year’s cleanup will be held at the Babylon Student Center on April 22. Gloves and bags will be provided to individuals when they attend.

The Community Service Club (CSC) will be partaking in Earth Day, asking members in the group to show their support. Club President Breanne Rittenhouse received the word about this event and said it is a great idea and will be discussing it with her club members.

Treasurer V. Pantorno and Sen. A. Cheslock will be running Earth Day this year. Treasurer Pantorno wanted to find a new way to weigh the cigarette butts to deter participants from cheating.

The group felt as though cheating was unlikely, especially in a volunteer atmosphere.

Scantron Drive will be hosted on April 16 and April 30. Tables will be set up, where scantrons will be handed out to interested students. Vice President, O. Oniyide will be running the drive, as well as a few other SGA members.

During the drive, information on tutoring centers and election information will be handed out.

SGA hopes that by informing the student population about the elections, it will increase the number of candidates running for positions, and the number of voters.

Information Sessions about the campaign were supposed to be held on Wednesday, Dec. 18 in the Orient Point room, during common hour, but were canceled.

Another session was scheduled during orientation on Jan. 16, but was also canceled; this time due to issues with the Winter Orientation Session.

SGA reached out to the Compass News for an article to be written about the election, as another way to promote.

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