CAB Gives Back To Students in Need

By William Hannon

Members of the C.A.B. met on Feb. 24 in the Mildred Green Room for a half-hour discussion on upcoming events and trips being held for the students on campus this semester. There were around 15 people who attended the meeting.

Some events that were talked about had no enterence fee, but asked for a donation of a nonparishable food item. When asked what the food was getting collected for Melanie Weidman an executive of C.A.B. said “the food is being collected for suffolk’s food pantry.”

Many students come to Suffolk to try to get a degree that’ll one day help them be successful. What people don’t know is that there are students that attend Suffolk with families that struggle just to put food on the table.

   With the help of Suffolk’s food pantry, students with families that are struggling can get food free of charge. The food pantry is located on the bottom floor of the Babylon Student Center on the Ammerman Campus.

   “Suffolk’s food pantry is a private way where students can get help. Students can come in and take as much food as they need, for them and their family.” Said Melanie Weidman a member of C.A.B.
   C.A.B. is having a family movie night in the Islip Arts Building, Room 115, on March 7th. You can bring anyone you want, but C.A.B. just asks for donations of nonperishable food items. All items collected go straight into Suffolk’s food pantry.

   “Last movie night we had there was a really good turn out and the food pantry got a lot of food.” Said Melanie Weidman.

   With C.A.B. doing their part to try to help get donations, there’s just not enough students that know about the food pantry. Michael VanDenburgh, a student in his first semester at Suffolk said “I had no idea that Suffolk had a food pantry, had I’ve known I would’ve attended more events and helped out.”

   Zach Totaro a sophomore here said “I didn’t know about it (the food pantry) and I’ve been coming here for over a year now.”

   And the students who do know about it just don’t know enough about it. Ricky Torre a student in his fourth semester here said “Yeah I know there’s a food pantry here” and when asked if he knew where it was or where to give in donations, he simply replied “I have no idea.”

   If more students knew about the food pantry then maybe more can be done to help those students in need.

There will be a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show march 28th in the Montauk Point Room, in the Babylon Student Center. Bring nonperishable food items to donate to the food pantry.

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