Students Buzzing about Sochi on Ice

By Jim Ferchland

Student Austin Kraft display swagger and enjoyment in the Southampton building. He is happy on how USA men's hockey is performing in Sochi.

Student Austin Kraft displays swagger and enjoyment in the Southampton Building. He is happy on how USA Men’s hockey is performing in Sochi.

Students are buzzing about the Winter Olympics and showing immense pride for the United States of America. This year’s Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi, Russia where twenty-five countries compete in winter sports and events.

NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is proudly televising the prestigious event. According to Nielsen overnight numbers, 23.5 million views have been calculated. The 2014 Winter Olympics have clearly grasped people’s attention and have certainly received attention and interest from several students. A majority of them have been impressed and fascinated mainly to what has been occurring on the ice; speed skating, ice skating, and hockey.

Ryan Bossert, a former Ammerman campus student mainly not concerned on the US Men’s and Women’s hockey teams, but more on a broad sense of safety, security, and unity in Sochi.

“The American hockey team looks great along with the women’s team,” Bossert said. “I think the Sochi Olympics though starting rough due to problems around the possibility of terrorism has been a successful event and has shown once again that the world can cooperate peacefully.”

Bossert is currently attending St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue after transferring from SCCC in January.

Liberal Arts major, Austin Kraft, has perceived the competitiveness and challenge that the USA Men’s Hockey team has to overcome in the Olympics.

“I think the USA Men’s Hockey team has been fun to watch and their games have been very exciting”, Kraft said. “But it’s going to be hard to win the gold because of Canada or Russia.”

Canada has yet to lose one Olympic game. However, USA Men’s Hockey defeated Russia 3-2 in a shootout in a non-elimination game on Feb. 15.

Jackie D’Anna, who is another Liberal Arts major. The female student is very spiritual and passionate about the Olympic games and her country. She really enjoys speed skating because it motivates her and it’s quite different from other Olympic events.

“I look forward to the Olympics , especially the Winter games every four years!”, D’Anna exclaimed. “Speed skating is my favorite sport to watch because to me, it’s unique. It really amazes me to watch all these athletes from all over the world work so hard to achieve their dreams for gold. It really motivates me in my life, and pushes me to work hard for my dreams.”

D’Anna also believes that the United States speed skating team has been represented well mainly due to their solid effort.

“The pride and dedication they express is really what America is all about”, D’Anna said.

Corie Leigh, a music major, has paid close attention to the Olympics because it is a conceivably vital and significant event to watch with her loved ones. She is not really concerned or disappointed about how USA plays; she just enjoys watching it in general.

“It’s sad that the USA is not winning a lot of medals but the Olympics is a huge thing in my family, so I always love to watch it”, Leigh said.

The expectations for USA in the WInter Olympics is sky high. Families and friends all gather around to display an enormous amount pride for their country. Currently, USA is tied third overall with the Netherlands in the Gold Medal count with six. Norway contains seven, and Germany leads with eight.

For more information and news on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, tune in to NBC for comprehensive coverage or log on to The major event concludes on Sunday, Feb. 23.

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