Drinking Age

Tyler Tumminelli
      Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18? Its well known that people drink alcohol before they turn 21. There’s so much alcohol consumption on college campuses and in many high school parties where minors drink a lot. Underage drinking is definitely no joke. Kids don’t know their limits and frequently get alcohol poisoning. Most young people think that their invincible, even to the point where some will get behind the wheel of a car. This is extremely dangerous and one of the main reasons why the age limit is at 21.
      The solution to these problems might be to lower the drinking age to 18. When you make drinking illegal it puts the illegal drinking in uncontrollable places such as fraternity houses, and house parties. At these places young people tend to drink a lot, get really sick and make more frequent regrettable decisions. If the drinking age was lowered to 18 , it wouldn’t be as much of a “treat” for young people to have alcohol. So parties probably wouldn’t be so wild and out of hand.
18 year old young adults can vote for the people who run our country and even fight in war and risk their life for America, but they are not allowed to have a beer. When you put it like that it sounds like a crazy concept. Some people argue that the drinking age should be kept at 21 because the brain doesn’t fully develop until age 25. If we were to go by that than in order to stay consistent people should not be able to serve in the military or vote until age 25 either. Many studies have been done in countries all around the world in which young people drink alcohol, and there has been no evidence that it harms them behaviorally or intellectually.
       The one valid argument against keeping the drinking age at 21 is for the dangers of drinking and driving. As you age you definitely become more mature and responsible. That being said, younger people tend to make less intelligent decisions behind the wheel. They endanger many lives around them and many deaths each year are related to young drunk drivers. If 18 year olds had the same rules and regulations as 21 year olds with drinking and driving it might bring the number of accidents down. If young people could have one or two beers and still drive, more youth might be responsible and not mind being the designated driver for the night.
       Although the age gap from 18 to 21 is small, most the responsibilities of young people that age are similar. Both ages are in the college years of their life, both ages can vote and serve in the military, But only 21 year olds and above can drink . That three year gap probably wouldn’t make much of a difference at all if they changed the drinking age back down to 18.

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