I Think We’re All Addicted

By Elwood Lamb

You’re on your phone; you’re on your phone, and then BAM! Your life flashes before your eyes. You’re in your thirties and you have come to the realization that you have wasted a lot of time during your twenties. All this smartphone and social media usage wasted minutes of your life, but there just minutes right? Eventually minutes turn to hours, and hours turn to days, and days begin to become weeks and months, and then years.

Now you’re wishing you could go back in the hands of time and do it all over again but you can’t! You get one opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted, take advantage. I’m pretty sure no one wants to look back ten years from now and question themselves on the time that they have wasted.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook provide an outlook for us to keep in contact with the world around us. We are constantly checking these sites whenever we get bored, have free time, or in some cases just being nosey. It’s a very addicting thing that we do but most people are unaware.

I always ask myself if it is worth it to keep up with this addiction. Quite frankly I do not think so. I think life would be much more enjoyable without these sites. Our socialization and communication skills would be better than what they are today. We fail to realize that without these sites and smartphone addiction, we would be able to enjoy ourselves more when it comes to hanging out with family, partying with friends, or even having conversations with one another.

In this generation we are growing up in, it is very hard to live without your phone because mostly everyone has one and uses it. If we had a challenge of living without our phones for maybe a month or a long period time, I would be all for it.

How many of you just happen to check your phone even when you do not have a notification of some sort? I bet all of you, even myself. It’s sickening. As the newest generation entering the real world, we’re failing to realize that this addiction is making us lazy. Making us waste valuable time, and slowing us from growing. I swear it’s a trap but we are too oblivious. Imagine if you didn’t have your phone? Imagine how much more efficient you would be. I’m not saying we’re not, but just think about all the goals we could reach, and the all the task’ we could accomplish. Maybe we should stop upgrading our phones and start upgrading our lives, it’ll only help us in the long run.

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