What Are You Really Eating?

By Francesca Barone
We know that fast food isn’t the healthiest for us, but it’s convenient, delicious, and cheap so we go for it anyway. When you take a step back, you will probably notice that the fast food restaurant is also not sanitary. I don’t necessarily mean the physical restaurant, but more towards the employees working.

I believe that fast food restaurants should run their employees through a sanitary and proper etiquette course. Yes, the employees who make the food are wearing gloves, but they don’t wear something to cover their hair or their mouths. They are talking over the ingredients to make our meal, coughing, sneezing, and laughing.

The other day, I went to Taco Bell very excited and hungry for my meal. The woman who took my order went to hand me a cup for my drink. I’ve never taken notice to this before, but she put her fingers inside of my cup to hand it to me. She was not wearing gloves and she was scratching her face, playing with her hair and touching the screen to place the order. Aside from these things, this woman handles the money. Which is considered to be one of the filthiest items out there. And those fingers went inside of my cup! How can I feel safe drinking out of this?

While I was waiting for my name to be called for my order, I took notice to the employees in the back. They all had gloves on, but that doesn’t stop them from playing with their long flowing hair. Girls, you know the more you run your fingers through your hair, strands begin to fall out. Well, remember that next time you order from a fast food restaurant.

I understand when you go to a fast food restaurant it’s not the best quality of anything, including service. That does not mean that it should be run that way though. Yes, anyone can basically get hired and enjoy their job but I believe these employees and the employers need to switch the roles and realize they wouldn’t want to eat the food if someone else was serving them carelessly.

It’s like an operating room. Surgeons take the most precaution while operating on you. Everyone has their hair up and tied back, their gloves on, their mouths covered. The surgeons can’t risk anything complicating their surgery because that could lead to something traumatic. Well, I believe the owners of these restaurants should start thinking about that. Employers should encourage more sanitary practices in their restaurants. If not, the customers could be the ones on that operating table.

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