PE Surprise

Now everyone knows gym ever since High School has always been the one class where you can put in minimal effort and still walkaway with an A. This is why I originally took volleyball in the first place because I wanted that boost in my GPA and have to put no effort in doing so. On the first day of class started out like any other by introducing ourselves and telling a little about ourselves but the one question he had the stood out the most is what everyone ate for breakfast. As the class began answering that question, he gave advice on how to improve what it is they were eating. That when I knew that this wasn’t going to be your normal gym class.
The next class when we were finally allowed to begin playing the game, The professor requires that the class jogs for at least 8 minutes before we begin doing anything. Which is crazy for an 8’am gym class that is chosen as an elective. After the laps he puts the class through drills to get everyone accustom to the sport which at the end makes sense because it leads to more enjoyable games, but there drills the actual volleyball team would do. When I got the chance to speak to the professor and ask why it is he’s so competitive and into everyone being fit he responded “I was the youngest child of three and everything was a competition. As I got older and went on to play college basketball being physically fit was important to me which is why I want it to be just as important to everyone else and I try and do my part”. After hearing that I understand why every time me and my friends play a game he joins because he loves the competitiveness.
If being active In the class wasn’t enough the professor assigned a paper which involved us writing about physical activities we do outside of class. As annoyed as I was about getting a paper in a gym class I thought that It would be an interesting paper to write about especially because iam an active person. I also thought it would be interesting because iam very passionate about fitness and its nice to see the professor feels the same way. This just isn’t your normal gym class this class teaches you more than just volleyball, it teaches you to be competitive and how to become a healthier person overall.

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