Going Away to College is Too Expensive

By Jennifer LaPorta
Going away to college is a lot of young people’s dream. To get your independence, meet new people, experience a new environment, and get a dose of what adult life is like. However, it’s not that easy to get there. Going away to college is super expensive, it’s ridiculous.
Many young students cannot afford to have the opportunity to go away to college these days. The average cost for going away to college is anywhere between $29,000, and $49,000. So what do you do about that? Getting your start at a community college is a great way to save money, while getting your basic courses out of the way. But what about later on? You’ll eventually need to transfer somewhere, if getting a four year degree is in your future.
There needs to be more opportunities for students to go away to college. Although there are many scholarship opportunities, many students are not fully aware. Unless you specifically go out of your way looking for these scholarships, you will not usually hear about them. Something needs to be done with getting this information to students. I personally feel as though students are being terribly overcharged for their education, and if prices are not going to go down, something more must be done to help out students.
How many times do you hear about people leaving school and being thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt? That’s pretty typical for people who go away to school. It should not be like that. The high cost of going away to college is preventing so many students from fulfilling their dreams and going on to pursue and further their education in fear of living in debt.

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