Black Thursday

Amanda Pine

Black Friday had been around for decades now.  It came about in the 1930’s and didn’t receive the name “Black Friday” until the 1960’s. The parade that takes place on Thanksgiving is to advertise the major department stores. But that’s exactly it, the parade is on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday starts at 12 am the next day. So why are department stores opening on Thanksgiving night?
Since 2005, the day after Thanksgiving has become the biggest shopping day of the year. The day is marked the start to the holiday season. In 2008 a Wal-mart employee was trampled. He was shoved into the doors and pushed so hard he forced them opened. 2,000 people ran over him and continued to go on and shop, conscientious that they were stepping on him.
In 2010 nearly 135 million people went out shopping and spent an average of 365$. People mostly want electronic devices and movies. Clothes comeWalmart-Black-Friday-2010-Ads in third place of what they’re shopping for, followed by video games and computers.(
Wal-mart and Macy’s predict that it will be a very competitive season. Wal-mart being down -0.05% as of 9:55 Am Tuesday morning before Black Friday (Wallstreetjournal). Which could be why these two stores and many others are opening up at 8 P.M. Thanksgiving night.
The whole idea of black Friday is to just kick off the start of the holiday season. It has now become the most competitive day. I believe it is wrong. Department stores are changing the way Black Friday is held. The man who died in Wal-mart clearly was not example enough of how vicious everybody is. As I currently work in retail, I constantly have customers coming up to me asking me what deals my store will be having. They ask if we will be open at 8 P.M., and if they can get deals at an earlier date. This just goes to show you that these people mean business.



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