Benfits of Hard Work

Work is a term that is used often and yet not many truly know the real meaning and what doing real work is. Growing up I was always told that “nothing in life is ever going to be handed to you. You have to work hard to get it,” and that’s something I’ve carried with me til this day. When it comes to working hard and having jobs it really doesn’t matter how many you have but what does matter is what you do at the job. One could have 15 jobs and not do a thing at any of them, but me for instance I at this time have two and work hard at both of them. When you work hard it helps you go far in life not just squeak by like the rest of the population. It’s what you do that separates you from everyone else.
My main job I maintain is at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This is where I began putting the words my parents told me into full Effect and make a difference not only for myself but everyone around me. When you work hard everyone one around you begins to work just as hard as you are, which something any manager wants to see. Someone who is standing around doing nothing,could lead by example and everyone might start doing it all because of the one person who didn’t seem to care. When you work hard it also begins to build a certain confidence and warm feeling when you see the finished product as well. People around you give praise and recognition which is also a great thing especially as a result of the work you did.
Being lazy is becoming an epidemic lately and you can see it in the younger generations which is a shame. When push comes to shove while you’re not working hard and just going through the motions someone else is putting in that extra work and is getting ahead. Truth of the matter is the United Stated is a huge huge region with many people which is a scary thought but someone out there may be higher qualified than you all because you didn’t want to work as hard as you should have. Hard work isn’t something that just comes easy or your born with, it’s something everyone should strive to do especially if they want to achieve their goals in life. And that is my opinion on hard work.

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