By Tyler Tumminelli                                                                                                       


Suffolk County Community College’s Theater department organized and performed their rendition of the famous musical “Hair” last night, on Wednesday, November 20th. It was the opening night for the play and the turn out was very good. Everyone was excited and there was a good amount of people who showed up. The play is taking place in the Shea Theater which is located in the Islip arts building. For general admission they were charging $12, but if you bring your SCCC student I.D you could get one ticket for free.

The play “hair” takes place in 1968, and is mainly about the hippie subculture of that time. It was about a group of young friends who were involved in that subculture in which they were very sexual and believed in love, peace and that everything is “one”. During the play they took a lot of drugs, and really showed how they needed no material things to enjoy life. They all interacted and loved each other and were extremely entertained by the environment. Many of the props in the play were picket signs that they used when protesting the Vietnam war . The signs said things like ,”Hey, hey LBJ how many kids will you kill today?” And “make love, not war”. The story line of the play revolved around a few of the main characters receiving draft cards from the military and having to make a decision to go or to burn the cards. To make this story line interesting and interactive with the audience they performed many different songs throughout the musical. During the songs some of the cast would run through the seats of the crowd which made it very entertaining. Many of the cast in the play were very musically inclined and all of the songs were played at a high level. A lot of the cast had unique voices and were talented actors and actresses. Charles Wittreich, the head of the Theater department said that about half of the students involved in the musical were theater majors. He also talked about how hard they worked on this play and said, “we practiced and rehearsed for 8 weeks straight, 5 days a week.”
Charles was the man who organized the play and really made it all happen. He also stated that, “The faculty voted and chose ‘Hair’ as the play that we would perform”. Charles was very proud of his theater students and impressed with the way they performed the musical. A lady named Iris Mosher who was a part of the theater staff was very impressed as well and said, “They will be performing the musical a couple more times, up until December 1st.” The play had one intermission , and sold snacks and water bottles outside for a dollar each. You are not allowed to take any food or drinks into the theater though, and you must turn your cell phone off and be respectful. With the intermission included the play lasted for about 2 and a half hours. It had a dramatic and exciting ending that brought the crowd to their feet with a standing ovation. Many family members and friends waited outside the theater with flowers to congratulate their actors and actresses on a job well done.

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