What is,Career Jeopardy?

By Jeanine Biggs

It was game on at Suffolk last week. On Wednesday, November 13th the annual Career Jeopardy was held. The even, which is ran by career services and cooperative education, took place during common hour in the Babylon Student Center at the Ammerman campus.

For those that were unaware of the event happening that day were in for a surprise when they walked into the cafeteria. Where tables filled with students and teachers usually were, was a makeshift stage that had a projector and four podiums on it. A little bit after 11:00 the game was underway. There were three different teams that had to work together to come up with the answer to the questions and clues given. The participants were able to choose from the five categories provided on the screen: campus resources, campus trivia, top employers, social media, and career themed movies. The price ranges per category were $3,6,9,12 and 15. Like many other places, services, and events on campus, a valid student I.D card was required to be able to play. Along with the paricipants , there was a host and a girl that was keeping score on the stage. For those that were watching the event in the audience it was a cool experience, and for some, a test to see how many questions they could answer.

“It was interesting. I got really excited when I knew an answer.” Andrea Fonti, freshman, said. There was an added excitement for those brave contestants that decided to play. If your team got any points during the game, a cash prize was given based on how many points your team scored. Although the game was fun for both the contestants and audience members, it also tested the students’ knowledge on careers and the campus the attend every day.

“I thougbt it helped the students know more about the school. Overall it was fun to be a part of.” Stephanie Lattanza, freshman, said. Some of the questions asked at the event included; this internet giant takes the Best Companies crown for the fourth year as the best place to work at, what is the NFL building on campus, and a movie based on the fashion and magazine industry starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. The event lasted around 50 minuets in total after two rounds were played by two different groups of people. Both groups of participants seemed to be diverse, whether they be freshmen, sophmores, or come from different groups of friends, it seemed like there was interest and participation from many different groups you see on campus daily.

Usually when a cash prize is involved people will come from all over to try to win it. For those who missed the event this year, keep an eye out next year, because this is an event you probably won’t want to miss again.

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