Living The Map

Paul Sciortino
Major Story

Living The Map

Guest speaker Daniel Seddiqui attended SCCC to give a speech on his Journey across America. “Living the Map” The feeling of emptiness, nothing going your way and no direction ahead of you, is what Daniel was feeling. He attended the University of Southern California, where he ran cross-country and received a degree in economics. After college Daniel didn’t have it so easy. Failing over 40 job interviews, it left him confused with no direction. This entire conflict happening while the American economy is struggling, he came up with the idea to travel to all 50 states and work a job in each state. The jobs that he would work in the states would have something to do with that states culture in background. (Ex. Working with Amish people in Pennsylvania) “My inspiration to travel the country and work various careers comes from the people.”
Daniel was with living with little money so his first step was taking out a $5,000 loan to buy a jeep and then he was off. The huge risk he was about to take was unlike any other before. This would change is life and who he is forever. He really just grabbed life by you know what and ran with it. From being in the middle of Amish Pennsylvania then going to New York City the next day is culture shock. The biggest risk I thought he took was when he was in West Virginia and went down into a coal mine. To go down that deep into the Earth is scary alone. The sad thing is a month later is when people tragically died at the one he worked at.
Overall, it was a very humbling experience being able to listen to Daniel address his journey across America. Great courage and will power was brought out in him. The calmness and peacefulness in his voice when he was speaking about it was amazing. He seemed like a much happier person from this experience and it launched his career. “The goal is to help Americans understand each other’s lives and respect each other’s hard work. My adventure will eliminate or intrigue peoples’ curiosity of a new lifestyle.” You never know what will be ahead of you when you take a risk reward situation like this. He lived the map and now he’s sharing his wonderful experience with students across the country.

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