So you think you can dance?

By Annie Martinsen

The Latina soul is alive and well at Ammerman campus on Wednesday as twenty or more students took part in the campus club “Shall I Take the Lead” which is a club dedicated to the art of ballroom and Latina dance such as salsa, tango, cha-cha and merengue. The club is completly free to all Suffolk community college students.

The students are all energized and ready to learn, the class works in shifts and roations so everyone has a chance to dance with everyone and become comfortable with diffrent partners. Helen Godzieba, president of Shall I take the Lead says “its a very friendly, judge-free atmosphere here, we dont fight we love”

The dance advisors Mark James and Karen Lupo are no strangers to the art of dance, together for almost 10 years, James and Lupo have worked with cruises, nightclubs, weddings and even have run school programs such as and allegenceofdance. com to get students interested and exited about dance. Karen Lupo, dance advisor states, “i love it, the kids are like sponges, they pay attention and want to be here” The program now seven years strong, is becoming more and more popular. ” The club has really been growing” says Mark James, dance advisor “we now have close to twenty five to thirty kids joining”

This issue of space has not gone unseen by Helen Godzieba, president of the club who has been trying to find a larger space then room 204. “Were trying to find a bigger space in the beginning but its hard, i think we can stay here for now though because the club started out really big but attendence started to dwindling”

The club attendence is still strong though, although dwindled since the first day of the semester there are still an even twenty to twenty five students a week. Shall i take the lead is actually having two major events taking place on ammerman campus. The first takes place Monday Novemeber 18th,they are joining forces with another popular dance club on campus to create CAN you dance where you donate canned goods to the hungry. The second event is taking place December 4th at the Montauk Point room and is a black and red event meaning boys wear black and girls wear red, there will be food and obviously dance.

Shall I Take the Lead has a fun atmposhere and is not afraid to welcome new incoming members. Bobby Vanderhoof, Senior says ” I love it, I wanted to learn dance, and this class gave me incentive. Now i take dance classes outside of school” the club meets every Wednesday at common hour in room 204 and welcomes anyone who is read to get there dance on.

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