Rejection Gives Direction

By Aaman Khan

After being rejected 40 job intervilogoews and given the title of “most rejected person in the world” by USA Today, you would think a person would lose all hope. Not Daniel Seddiqui, however! A man that had a degree in Economics and graduated the University of South California, spent 3 years unemployed after graduating. Seddiqui devised a plan of visiting 50 states, in 50 weeks, and having 50 jobs. He called this project Living The Map. “I marketed myself and my project,” he said. It wasn’t easy, but he was determined to achieve his goal.

On Thursday, November 14th, Seddiqui visited the Ammerman Campus of Suffolk County Community College. He went through his journey called “Rejection Gives Direction” with the somewhat 100 students & few faculty members in the Babylon Student Center. This event was hosted and funded by the Career Service people. The audience was immediately attracted to his sense of humor, when he started off the presentation saying
“Wow, what a good looking group. Probably the most good looking by far! … I was in Missouri last week. I told them the same thing.”

Seddiqui talked to the audience about “getting out of your bubble” and trying new things.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for you out there. Don’t stay in one area,” he advised.
Some of the jobs Seddiqui managed to do during his journey were: being a part of a pitcrew, modeling, border patrol, and being an Egyptian stilt-walker.
Many students made comments such as “he’s mad funny” and “he’s been everywhere!!!”
Seddiqui preached on perseverance, adaptability, and ambition. Now, he goes around schools teaching students to compromise and never give up hope!

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