How The Grinch Stole Christmas

By Amanda Pine
Woman was robbed at gunpoint just outside of The Sunrise Mall in Massapequa. The incident occurred November 14th, around 10 p.m. The woman did not even get to close her door when she was approached by two men dressed in all black.
  The woman, who’s name will not be released, was terrified and told security she will never return here again. She was a mall employee who had just received a job at a kiosk. She was not harmed. I was unable to speak with her, however I was able to speak to security guards who were at the scene.
There were 4 security guards on that side of the mall around that time. The Security guard I spoke with was one of them. Her name was Gertrude. She is the head of security and was about to leave when she got the call from one of her other guards patrolling the parking lot. The west side of the mall where the 20 year old was prayed upon, is the most lit up area on the mall grounds. It happened right outside of a 24/7 gym and a Walmart. The mall was only closed for 30 mins before this took place.
Gertrude confided that occurrences similar to this one happen often. The only difference is there was a gun was involved. “My guards are trained physically and they’re prepared for incidences like this, but when a gun is involved, its time to call in the BIG guns.”
Having worked in a mall, specifically this one, crime rate is very high. People are always stealing and violence is common. People will use booster bags to aid their theft. A booster bag is a shopping bag lined with duct tape so that when they walk out through the sensor alarms, they will not beep. Our job, as workers in the store is to make sure kleptomaniacs don’t steal.
Gertrude leaked a story to me that these people become very violent when confronted. “Thefts once stole from Crazy 8, a children’s clothing store. When confronted by the store manager to drop the items at the door, the woman and accompanied ‘look outs’ proceeded to beat up the manager.”
These people are out and have one thing on their mind walking through the mall entrance. They want items where they can pay little or no money. When they get a hold of these items they sell it online for a high price, or they will bring them over sea’s and sell them in black market stores.
Any mall at whatever time of the day is not safe, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Just like the innocent woman who was attacked in a highly lit area, it can happen anytime. When doing your holiday shopping this year, make sure you use the buddy system. These criminals are doing their holiday shopping too, except out of your car. Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

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