Career Jeopardy

By, Matt Rich

A game of Jeopardy was held last week at Suffolk community college which gave students the opportunity to make money.

Many students attending Suffolk Community College have a hard time creating enough money for them to be able to pay for everything they find necessary.  Having cars and needing to pay for gas can get tricky which is why college students are always looking for a way to get a little extra cash in their pockets.

On Wednesday, November 13th a Career Jeopardy game was played in the cafeteria in the Babylon Student Center on the Ammerman Campus. I attended this game with my good friend Tyler Tumminelli, who like myself, is a sophomore at Suffolk.  Upon arriving I noticed the students participating in the first round and realized after a couple of minutes that they were playing for actual money!  We quickly signed up for the second round and began to watch the action.  I began to look over the topics that were on the board.  These topics included campus resources, campus trivia, top employers, career themed movies, and social media.

“I could definitely use the money so this is a great idea”, said Sean Naccari, a Suffolk sophomore participating in the game.

We ended up winning a total of 96 dollars which definitely helped out for some extra cash! We knew that this was obviously a great idea for a game by the amount of money we had won for answering a couple of questions during a half hour span.  But who was providing this money for this game to be run and who was in charge of the event?  I had the chance to sit down with Sylvia E. Camacho who is the director of the Career Services and Cooperative Education.

“The game was created by this office a year and a half ago and the money is donated from the Dean of Students, Charles Barletta”, said Camacho.

Camacho explained that the department knew that many students are “cash poor” and they wanted to find a way to help them and also make them more active among the campus. It is unbelievably nice of the dean to donate his own money which was over 300$ just for kids to be able to have a fun and rewarding time.  Camacho stated that this game was debuted at a S.U.N.Y (State University of New York) school conference and it was picked up by many of the other schools that observed.

“This game will be back next year, most likely with a different topic” stated Camacho.

In the future I am definitely going to try to attend this event again. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for this next semester as other students should also be aware.  It is a fun and easy way to get involved in the school community as well as earn extra money that could really help the average struggling college student.

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  1. How can I write for the college reporter? I’m a student at Suffolk Ammerman too

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