Can It Be Stopped?

SW-FI-2011-06-17-teens-alcohol[1] By Elwood Lamb

In today’s society, teenage kids are tempted to trying new things at an adolescent age. Amongst those things is alcohol. Alcohol is being used and abused by younger teens all over the world, and it will only continue to be a future problem in the near future.

As alcohol gets easier and easier to consume, it is safe to say this problem will always be certain to happen. This problem will be inevitable, but are there certain ways and strategies to help prevent underage drinking from happening? Yes, there are a few ways to alter the consumption of underage drinking but the are chances are very, very slim.

I’ve been working at a liquor store for over a year now and I have seen a number of underage teens making an attempt to buying alcohol. These teens often get denied which is great. With technology expanding every day, it is very easy to catch teens trying to be underage drinkers. It is also very hard to catch underage drinkers as well because nowadays people have the talents of making fake ID’s. We have only a few strategies. For example, we have ID scanners that bring up all the important info of that person which includes their name, birthdate, address, hair and eye color etc. This helps to prove if they are legal or not. We also do a very good job of questioning these customers in order to catch them red handed. If there is any doubts, or second guesses that we may have, we have the right to not sell alcohol to anyone.

But is this consumption possible to stop? Not at all. There are more ways for underage kids to get alcohol rather than trying to reduce the ways of them not getting alcohol. Being that I work in a liquor store, I have a few underage teens that i work with and also a few young adults.

I first questioned my co-worker Anthony, 19, who is an underage drinker who informed me that he was 13 when had his first alcholic beverage. “I was 13 when I had my first drink although I didn’t enjoy it. I still consume alcohol till this day” he stated. He also informed me that temptation plays a major role in him trying alcohol. “Every day at work, I am always tempted to try alcohol but I will not and it is not the right thing to do.” “Underage drinking is nearly impossible to stop.” I agree with Anthony.

My second co-worker was my 24 year old friend Jay He started drinking at 16 and states underage drinking is fun but only under the right moderation. “As long as you can enjoy yourself and have a good time, I say do it but don’t do it if you cannot control yourself.” “You also should have someone to drive becasuse there are too many teens losing their lives by being irresponsible. Underage drinking is wrong but inevitable”

Why is it when we are young, we want to be older than we actually are? When it comes to underage drinking, is it temptation or peer pressure? It’s both. It will always continue to be a phase that adolescent children through but it’s something that could possibly never be stopped. Drink responsibly!

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