Campus Security Has Been Busy This Semester

By Ashley Tinley list_141

The fall semester has been a hectic semester for the campus security. Between robberies in the Brookhaven Gym, and an attack in the Southampton building, campus security and students needs to on the lookout for any suspicious behavior.

On Tuesday night there was yet again another incident in the gym leaving four students having to go home barefoot. Since all the students need to remove their shoes before entering the Pilates/Yoga room, a bunch of shoes line up outside the door. “Everyone please take your shoes in room and put them in the utility closet, there were four pairs of shoes stolen from outside this door last night while a class was in session” Ruth A. Hughes, Pilates Teacher, said. The question that still remains unanswered is: how did this student walk out of the building with four pairs of shoes without looking suspicious?  They either had one big bag or multiple students participated in this crime. They must have been extremely cautious when stealing the shoes because someone in the class could see what is going on outside the room through the window on the side of the door. Students are getting belongings stolen left and right around campus. “If you don’t have your belongings glued to you, you can’t guarantee your going home with it” Ruth A. Hughes, Pilates Teacher, said.

Now even if you lock your things in a locker people are still getting robbed. “A girl was caught in the locker room with pliers trying to cut locks off” Michael Sexton, Physical Education Teacher, said. The students committing these crimes will stoop to any extreme to steal, since the locker room had no cameras it is an easy place to get away. With having campus security by the locker room at all times it doesn’t stop the crime one-hundred percent since students steal the items and just place them in the bag and walk out. Crimes have occurred in virtually in every locker room from high schools, colleges, and gyms. Security has been around at all hours of the day to try to prevent theft on campus, they are doing a great job making people aware of what is happening rather than keeping it a secrete.

On Thursday November 14th, 2013 a girl was attacked in the Southampton building by a man that seemed to be kind and needed a helping hand. This young girl was leaving class that night when a man seemed to be struggling needed help, he asked nicely and clam “excuse me can you come here real quick and help me with something?” The girl walked over without hesitation to help him and he dragged her out of the building and attacked her. The campus security had sent a letter for teachers to read to their students stating the incident. “Since this incident has occurred we encourage all students to add the campus securities phone number in their phone incase of an emergency” The Office of Public and Fire safety, said.  You can never know when something like that is going to happen so it is great to plan ahead, and better safe than sorry.

For all students on campus be careful and don’t trust anyone you don’t know. You cannot be sure that you’re going to be safe at all times and know that campus security is here to protect you and help if any problems are to occur on campus. Never bring any valuables with you to campus to insure that you are going to have them when the day is over.

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