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School, Work, Family, Sleep

By Sandra Dias

78 percent of students enrolled in college also have a full-time job. It may not seem a lot but it is. Going to school full-time and working full-time can be hard. Back then when things weren’t as expensive as they are now you weren’t expected to work and go to college. You were expected to complete your degree and then go out and find a job in your career path. Now everyone expects you to work and go to school. If you go to school from 8:00am to about 4:00pm and then work from 5:00pm to about 10:00pm, when are you going to do homework or spend time with your family?

Teachers think that they are the only ones that matter. That they’re the only class you’re taking. They don’t care that you’re taking five other classes. When they give you a big assignment they expect it in their hands the next day. They don’t care that you have other homework or that you’re working.

When it comes to parents they want you to get a good education and pay for the things you want and spend time with them. The only way to pay for things is to get a job.

When your boss expects you to work, they want you to work and stay focus on work. How can you focus when you know that you have a five-page paper waiting for you at home? Two-thirds of working students state that their primary reason for working is to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses.

I am blessed to have parents who are paying for me to go to college. I quit my job because I was too stressed and wasn’t doing well in school. My parents decided that they were going to pay for schooling while I stay focused and finish the program. A lot of students can’t say that. They may have their families support but still has to pay for their own education.

We are expected to work and go to school. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Students may not be able to focus in class because they are either trying to figure out when they’ll be able to do homework or they are just trying to stay awake.

Our society today wants us to have a good education and get a job to help and support a family. Students need to be able to go to school and not worry about being stressed.

I Think We’re All Addicted

By Elwood Lamb

You’re on your phone; you’re on your phone, and then BAM! Your life flashes before your eyes. You’re in your thirties and you have come to the realization that you have wasted a lot of time during your twenties. All this smartphone and social media usage wasted minutes of your life, but there just minutes right? Eventually minutes turn to hours, and hours turn to days, and days begin to become weeks and months, and then years.

Now you’re wishing you could go back in the hands of time and do it all over again but you can’t! You get one opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted, take advantage. I’m pretty sure no one wants to look back ten years from now and question themselves on the time that they have wasted.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook provide an outlook for us to keep in contact with the world around us. We are constantly checking these sites whenever we get bored, have free time, or in some cases just being nosey. It’s a very addicting thing that we do but most people are unaware.

I always ask myself if it is worth it to keep up with this addiction. Quite frankly I do not think so. I think life would be much more enjoyable without these sites. Our socialization and communication skills would be better than what they are today. We fail to realize that without these sites and smartphone addiction, we would be able to enjoy ourselves more when it comes to hanging out with family, partying with friends, or even having conversations with one another.

In this generation we are growing up in, it is very hard to live without your phone because mostly everyone has one and uses it. If we had a challenge of living without our phones for maybe a month or a long period time, I would be all for it.

How many of you just happen to check your phone even when you do not have a notification of some sort? I bet all of you, even myself. It’s sickening. As the newest generation entering the real world, we’re failing to realize that this addiction is making us lazy. Making us waste valuable time, and slowing us from growing. I swear it’s a trap but we are too oblivious. Imagine if you didn’t have your phone? Imagine how much more efficient you would be. I’m not saying we’re not, but just think about all the goals we could reach, and the all the task’ we could accomplish. Maybe we should stop upgrading our phones and start upgrading our lives, it’ll only help us in the long run.

Going Away to College is Too Expensive

By Jennifer LaPorta
Going away to college is a lot of young people’s dream. To get your independence, meet new people, experience a new environment, and get a dose of what adult life is like. However, it’s not that easy to get there. Going away to college is super expensive, it’s ridiculous.
Many young students cannot afford to have the opportunity to go away to college these days. The average cost for going away to college is anywhere between $29,000, and $49,000. So what do you do about that? Getting your start at a community college is a great way to save money, while getting your basic courses out of the way. But what about later on? You’ll eventually need to transfer somewhere, if getting a four year degree is in your future.
There needs to be more opportunities for students to go away to college. Although there are many scholarship opportunities, many students are not fully aware. Unless you specifically go out of your way looking for these scholarships, you will not usually hear about them. Something needs to be done with getting this information to students. I personally feel as though students are being terribly overcharged for their education, and if prices are not going to go down, something more must be done to help out students.
How many times do you hear about people leaving school and being thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt? That’s pretty typical for people who go away to school. It should not be like that. The high cost of going away to college is preventing so many students from fulfilling their dreams and going on to pursue and further their education in fear of living in debt.

Slaves to the education system

By Deandra Martucci


Lately, all I seem to do is question why are we paying for an education that we are going to spend the rest of our lives paying for? Growing up we are trained to live our lives believing that going to school will make us successful people, when in reality times are changing. Education isn’t everything anymore.

We are taught that getting good grades and excelling in school was to be top priority, but for what reason? Nowadays, no matter the grades or how hard you work in school nothing is promised to you at the end of it all. We were brought up in a “reality” to work forty hours a week, forty years or our life, and hope to retire on 40 percent of our income. Yet, in the new system of our economy, a career after gradation is questionable. Our economy right now is making it nearly impossible to afford going to school, and we continue to face the struggle of not being able to find a job after we have put so much effort and time in to earn a degree.

Statistics show in 2011, 54 percent of students are unemployed after graduating and 27 percent earn less then $25,000 a year with a degree. As a new generation, we need to open our eyes and realize there is over $950 billion in student loan debt. It’s frustrating and discouraging as young people to have the motivation and courage to keep going. We’re all striving to be successful and to be the best we can be. As humans we all have such high goals and aspirations.

Life is meaningless unless you are truly living it the way you want to. Money controls our lives, and without a high paying job we can’t live happily, comfortably, or do the things we enjoy. Trading time for money is the most inefficient way to make money due to only having a certain amount of time per day. Therefore, I believe that the standard way of living needs to be changed, but how do we break the cycle?

We are so used to being taught how to live based on our old system and that new ways of making money seem so unrealistic many people have doubts. In order to be successful we have to open our minds to new methods and new opportunities. It’ll seem risky at first but there is no other way to survive because our economy is not going to bounce back to how it used to be.

Recently, I was introduced to an amazing opportunity; it basically fell onto my lap because I wasn’t looking for anything at the moment. But I truly believe I found my window of success and my break in this cycle, this is called Social Network Marketing. Social Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century. It is revolutionizing business and how young people think. It teaches kids not only how to earn money but how to help other people change their lives. Social Network Marketing fits the new economy that we live in perfectly. Think about it. We all wake up and the first thing we do is check our cellphones. Our entire day is surrounded by social media, and it’s time we use these things to our advantage.

Our jobs are constantly being replaced by technology. For example, remember the company Blockbluster? We used to be able to go to a store and rent videos and games, but now people watch movies and play games through Netflix. All these things are provided to us through our tablets and cellphones. These jobs that Blockbuster provided to us got taken over by our technology. It happens every single day without us even realizing it. Young people need to realize that our economy isn’t bouncing back, it is changing dramatically. Essentially, Social Network Marketing is the window to our success; it just makes sense. Companies have options now; they can either hire a big number of staff to represent and sell their products the traditional way or they could simply use Network Marketing. The difference now is that these companies provide support and pay workers solely based on their performance. Workers within Social Network Marketing are no longer paid an hourly rate; it’s all based on how well you perform. It’ll be extremely efficient because in the New Economy that we live in, word-of-mouth advertising is continuing to work better than any other form of advertisement.

Steroids in Baseball

By, Matthew Rich
Over the years Major League Baseball has become stricter with the suspensions handed out to players who are guilty of illegal steroid use. When the issue first arose in 2005 the suspensions for all of the players caught was only 10 games. In today’s era a person found using performance enhancing drugs will face a 50-game penalty for their first offense. This doubles in their second offense which would result in a 100-game suspension, which is more than half of the season. Since 2005 more than 35 players have been suspended. Today players are checked randomly and frequently to determine if they are cheating. It is very hard to get past the system but somehow there are players that still manage to do it. (Steroid)

I believe that steroids are ruining the game. Baseball along with any other sport is supposed to be about raw talent. Most of the guys that make it to the M.L.B did it off of their own ability, so therefore it makes no sense to me for them to have to cheat to succeed. I think the punishment is actually too lenient. I believe the offender’s first punishment should be a 100-game suspension and the second should be a ban from the league forever. If they don’t learn their lesson the first time, they don’t deserve to have the opportunity and gift of making millions to play a sport they love.

Steroids play a big part in the way baseball is played today. Many players slip by the system and take performance enhancing drugs to better their gameplay. This strategy is ruining the game. It is unfair to make yourself better by using these steroids rather than the players who are doing it on their own by lifting weights and practicing. It is not fair for a pitcher who is not taking steroids to have to face a batter who is on the illegal drugs. The advantage definitely goes to the batter.

Over the years there have been many records that have been broken by steroid-using players. Some of the more famous cases were Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds. Both of these players had unbelievable numbers during their steroid years. Mark McGwire set the record for most home runs hit in a season in the 1998 season. McGwire himself admitted to using the illegal drugs in an interview. Barry Bonds was another player who was accused of performance enhancing drugs. On Aug. 7, 2007, Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record by hitting the 756th homerun of his career. Most believe that Hank Aaron was one of the best players of all time and for someone of steroid use such as Bonds to break this record was unacceptable. Although it was never actually proven that Bonds did steroids, there was an enormous amount of evidence piled up against him. I believe that these records should not count because in my mind the players cheated and that is definitely not fair.

Another problem in baseball today is that steroid users are getting more media attention than the actual game itself. Today we focus so much on the Alex Rodriguez case on whether or not he should be suspended for steroids. Instead of that, I believe we should be focusing on the game of baseball and all of the clean players that are trying to make a name for them in today’s very competitive Major League Baseball.

These players are living the dream that many athletes wish they could be fortunate enough to achieve. The players have gotten there on their talent alone and it is a shame that they have to cheat the game to excel. I believe that players such as Bonds and McGwire should be stripped of all of their achievements and banned from baseball for good as well as The Hall of Fame. No one should be rewarded if you have cheated to get there. As amusing as it can be for the fans I believe it is wrong in every way and it needs to be stopped.

End Teen Drinking

teen-drinkingBy Ashley Tinley
All across the world teens are experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Adolescents begin drinking earlier in today’s generation, than any other generation. The problem with this is that once these teens try alcohol they start resorting to drugs and soon become addicted. Addiction is a serious problem, and recently became classified as a disease.

If children didn’t try drugs and alcohol so early on in life then they wouldn’t abuse drugs and alcohol. They would know how to drink and be more responsible if they waited until they were older. Let’s take a stand and say NO to drugs and alcohol, because it is not cool to drink and abuse drugs.

If alcohol wasn’t so easily accessible to these teens then the rates of teen drinking would drastically decrease. There are many ways to decrease teen drinking like, raising the price of alcohol, adding programs in schools about drugs and alcohol, law enforcement cracking down, and zero tolerance laws. If the price of alcohol was more expensive then less teens will be able to afford to drink. Most likely if they are not able to try alcohol then they won’t resort to drugs.

The age of teens abusing alcohol has significantly became younger. In 1965 the average age children tried alcohol for the first time was seventeen years old, now it is fourteen years old according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Three years is a big age difference for children to try alcohol. Kids turn fourteen in 8th grade. They shouldn’t be experiencing alcohol or any drugs at that age; they should be playing sports and going to the movies with friends. Their brains and bodies are still growing; they shouldn’t be putting these toxins into their system. Children are in such a hurry to grow up these days.

Adolescents try drugs early on because if they already experienced alcohol then they want to experience something else and their next option is drugs. For most it is easier for teens to get drugs like marijuana than to get beer, so they smoke once and like the feeling and over time start smoking more and more. If we can inform teens about the risk of these drugs and scare them a little bit, the rate of teen drug use would decrease.

Doug Gansler, an American attorney politician who serves as the 45th and current Attorney General of Maryland recently was seen at a party with underage drinking, which his son was attending. He just stopped by to talk to his son. “It was not his responsibility as a parent or a high-ranking law enforcement official to intervene,” Gansler’s rep, said. If he witnessed underage drinking he should have put it to an end, and especially not let is son drink. If a law enforcement official doesn’t stop teen drinking then who will? Parents today try so hard to be friends with their kids rather than teach them what the right thing to do is and actually be parents.

If parents and officials agree that teen drinking is wrong, and they followed the law then as a nation
we can work together and raise the age that teens try alcohol and drugs. There is no reason fourteen year olds are drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs, because in the long run it’s not going to get them anywhere. If you are a teen and reading this, just wait to drink. There’s no reason rush your teen years, and if you are a parent reading this, have no tolerance for teen drinking. It doesn’t make you “cool” to drink or do any drugs; set an image for yourself that people will respect in the long run.

Smoking At the Ammerman Campus By Richard Effinger

Smoking is a huge problem for the economy’s health in the United States. At the Ammerman Campus, I would say approximately 35% of students smoke cigarettes on campus, causing many people to experience second hand smoke. People should take a stand and prevent people from smoking anymore on this campus.

Each year, about 46,000 nonsmokers in the United States die from heart disease caused by secondhand smoke ( A person who smokes doesn’t realize that their harmful fumes are damaging to not only the people around them, but also themselves. There is absolutely no benefit from smoking a cigarette, but that does not stop any smokers at Suffolk Community College. The campus has tried to prevent second hand smoking by displaying signs on buildings that say “no smoking within 50 ft. of the building” and students disregard that sign completely. Even though there aren’t any security officers patrolling the campus to enforce this law, students still should take into consideration the health of others, and smoke farther away from the building.

In my opinion, Smoking should be banned from the campus because it not only hurts the smoker but it hurts others. Smokers also pollute the air, damaging the nature around them as well. Students shouldn’t have to breathe the harmful fumes of a cigarette if they don’t have to. By breathing in the cigarette smoke, it could cause many cancers and especially lung cancer. In the United States, tobacco use is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths; that equals out to 443,000 deaths annually (

Smokers have the right to smoke a cigarette if they choose to. The cigarette manufacturers should come up with a way to have only the smoker experience the harmful fumes and not others. They have made electronic cigarettes for people to try and quit smoking. Electronic cigarette is a mechanical cigarette which allows you to inhale and exhale water vapor, to help prevent you from not only breathe in harmful fumes, but to prevent others from inhaling the cigarette smoke as well. In the United States, the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which was conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, figured out that an estimated 8.7 million Americans age 12 and older (3.5 percent) had used smokeless tobacco in the past month ( this statistic must improve in order to help the many Americans still experiencing second-hand smoke.

The economy today has many flaws in the system which are damaging to the American citizens. Cigarette smoking is one of the many which is not only harmful to the smoker but it is also harmful to the non-smokers trying to stay healthy and inhale clean air. People should consider the health of others, and think twice next time they smoke a cigarette.

The pressure to be thin

By Kristen Vasquez


The pressure to be skinny is becoming life threatening. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have been on the rise for years now. Something needs to be done to prevent these disorders from reccurring and becoming much worse.

Eating disorders like these are common amongst females because of how they are portrayed in the media. The media markets make an unobtainable figure for women to achieve. They display unhealthy models all over showing their rib cages. Not only that, Photoshop has become a photographers best friend. About 99 percent of photos put out to the public are photoshopped. Lastly, we start at such a young age telling little girls that they have to be skinny. A perfect example is Barbie. She has impossible body dimensions. She would be 5’9″ tall, have an 18″ waist, 39″ bust, 33″ hips, a size three shoe, 110 lbs and a BMI of 16.24. What’s concerning is that having a BMI below 17 can land a person in a hospital.

Why tell human beings that they have to be a size 00? So they starve themselves and force food up they just ate? This is not the way the world should work. Years ago it was seen as sexy to have curves. During the era of Marilyn Monroe her size was viewed as sexy and she was a size 12. Yet now a days you will be finding yourself in the plus size section.

We can’t get away from the unhealthy image. Stop photoshopping pictures. It is necessary that we teach individuals how to eat properly at a young age. It is time to start changing the size of the manikins in clothing stores and even Barbie dolls. Women portrayed in magazines should be a healthy body weight, not skin and bones.

The link below is a video of the changings Photoshop can make:

What Are You Really Eating?

By Francesca Barone
We know that fast food isn’t the healthiest for us, but it’s convenient, delicious, and cheap so we go for it anyway. When you take a step back, you will probably notice that the fast food restaurant is also not sanitary. I don’t necessarily mean the physical restaurant, but more towards the employees working.

I believe that fast food restaurants should run their employees through a sanitary and proper etiquette course. Yes, the employees who make the food are wearing gloves, but they don’t wear something to cover their hair or their mouths. They are talking over the ingredients to make our meal, coughing, sneezing, and laughing.

The other day, I went to Taco Bell very excited and hungry for my meal. The woman who took my order went to hand me a cup for my drink. I’ve never taken notice to this before, but she put her fingers inside of my cup to hand it to me. She was not wearing gloves and she was scratching her face, playing with her hair and touching the screen to place the order. Aside from these things, this woman handles the money. Which is considered to be one of the filthiest items out there. And those fingers went inside of my cup! How can I feel safe drinking out of this?

While I was waiting for my name to be called for my order, I took notice to the employees in the back. They all had gloves on, but that doesn’t stop them from playing with their long flowing hair. Girls, you know the more you run your fingers through your hair, strands begin to fall out. Well, remember that next time you order from a fast food restaurant.

I understand when you go to a fast food restaurant it’s not the best quality of anything, including service. That does not mean that it should be run that way though. Yes, anyone can basically get hired and enjoy their job but I believe these employees and the employers need to switch the roles and realize they wouldn’t want to eat the food if someone else was serving them carelessly.

It’s like an operating room. Surgeons take the most precaution while operating on you. Everyone has their hair up and tied back, their gloves on, their mouths covered. The surgeons can’t risk anything complicating their surgery because that could lead to something traumatic. Well, I believe the owners of these restaurants should start thinking about that. Employers should encourage more sanitary practices in their restaurants. If not, the customers could be the ones on that operating table.

Black Thursday

Amanda Pine

Black Friday had been around for decades now.  It came about in the 1930’s and didn’t receive the name “Black Friday” until the 1960’s. The parade that takes place on Thanksgiving is to advertise the major department stores. But that’s exactly it, the parade is on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday starts at 12 am the next day. So why are department stores opening on Thanksgiving night?
Since 2005, the day after Thanksgiving has become the biggest shopping day of the year. The day is marked the start to the holiday season. In 2008 a Wal-mart employee was trampled. He was shoved into the doors and pushed so hard he forced them opened. 2,000 people ran over him and continued to go on and shop, conscientious that they were stepping on him.
In 2010 nearly 135 million people went out shopping and spent an average of 365$. People mostly want electronic devices and movies. Clothes comeWalmart-Black-Friday-2010-Ads in third place of what they’re shopping for, followed by video games and computers.(
Wal-mart and Macy’s predict that it will be a very competitive season. Wal-mart being down -0.05% as of 9:55 Am Tuesday morning before Black Friday (Wallstreetjournal). Which could be why these two stores and many others are opening up at 8 P.M. Thanksgiving night.
The whole idea of black Friday is to just kick off the start of the holiday season. It has now become the most competitive day. I believe it is wrong. Department stores are changing the way Black Friday is held. The man who died in Wal-mart clearly was not example enough of how vicious everybody is. As I currently work in retail, I constantly have customers coming up to me asking me what deals my store will be having. They ask if we will be open at 8 P.M., and if they can get deals at an earlier date. This just goes to show you that these people mean business.