By Amanda Pine
Even though the presidential election was almost a year ago, the African-American Student Union thinks the best time to register is NOW! Club members rallied up students to get the vote out.
The club President, Leonard Colson, Student, and his secretaries Haley and Shanygne all helped me register. Colson told me that the main reason they held the voting booth was to help bring awareness for voting. “Voting is very important, every vote counts and not many Americans understand that,” Colson, student, said. They were able to get 60 people to register by 2 o’clock, when I approached their booth. “60 people are not much, considering there are 30,000 students that go to Suffolk. It is 60 more then there was, and that’s all that matters,” Shanygne, student, said.
The goal of the African-America Student Union club is to bring diversity to the campus. “Even though we have ‘African-American’ in our club title we have all different races involved. I know, sounds funny,” Shanygne, communications major, said. They have 20 club members and they meet once a week during common hour. “
The Members of the club will be hosting a talent show Nov 15th, 2013 at Eaton’s Neck. They needed approval through the school board and were more than please when they found out they were approved. They are allowing anyone to participate and they are discussing prices for entry during their next meeting.Badge - 2008 election

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