Students warned of thefts in Brookhaven Gym

By Ashley Tinley

Recently more robberiesSuffolk-County-Community-College-Ammerman-E445F9E2 than ever before have occurred this semester at the Brookhaven Gymnasium on the Ammerman campus.

The college requires students to take a minimum of two physical education classes to graduate. On the first day of every physical education class every student is told to lock their personal belongings in a locker. The students are not provided with a lock, it is mandatory they bring their own. Lately students have not been bringing a lock and just leaving personal belongings in empty lockers without a lock, or just in plain sight on a bench while in class.

On Thursday, October 15, 2013 the Office of Public and Fire Safely went around to every physical education teacher and required they read a letter about all thefts taking place during class. “In the last weeks we have had multiple larceny reports from the Brookhaven Gym Building. The incidents have occurred at different times and days but in most cases the victims had not locked their lockers or left their personal items unattended in a classroom. As we continue to monitor these incidents we are asking for everyone to lock their personal items with padlocks and if possible keep expensive valuables locked in the trunk of their car or at home. These incidents have also been reported to SCPD,” The Office of Public and Fire safety, said. This is terrible that these incidents are taking place, but if students didn’t leave their belongings unattended most likely none of the robberies would have occurred.

Public Safety states that these incidents haven’t occurred at any certain time

or day, but one physical education teacher says that is not the case. “These robberies have taken place almost every Tuesday and Thursday between 9am and 1pm everyday” Ruth Hughes, Full-time physical education teacher, said. Multiple people could be stealing these belongings and they could know the right time to get away with it.

In the past week Brookhaven gym has had multiple Public Safety Officials at all times. They have been monitoring the lockers rooms to watch for any suspicious behavior.

Do not bring any expensive items to gym, because you can never be one hundred percent positive you will be leaving with what you brought.

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