‘Rabbit Hole’ stuns audience with powerful opening night performances

By Annie Martinsen

“Rabbit Hole” the play written by David Lindsey-Abaire made its debut Oct. 16 on the Ammerman campus. From opening to close, Rabbit Hole makes a powerful connection with the auidence using humor and an astute realness to the characters as they make their way through the painful realities of losing a child.
You can hear the sniffles coming out into the hallway from the intimate theatre as the audience is moved by the emotional performances by Candace Courtney, Juliana Klingel, Nick Zappetti, Emily Winters and Douglas Towers.

Juliana Klingel plays Becca, the mother of Danny, whose son was killed in a car accident. After eight months, Becca is still  trying to deal with life without her son alongside her husband Howie, played by Nick Zappetti. The couple makes obvious chemistry on stage, making their relationship not only a marraige but a playful friendship that helps ease tension about their deceased son. Although they have excellent chemistry you can still see they have diffrent ways of dealing with the loss. Becca really wants to remove anything and everything that reminds her of her son, while Howie needs to see little reminders that their son was once there, causing conflict in their marriage. More stellar performances by Emily Winters who played Becca’s mother Nat, and Candace Courtney who plays Izzy, Becca’s sister are revealed in the production.

Both women play lovably eccentric loud mouth characters with an urge to help Becca and Howie transistion to normal life agian. The plot thickens as Jason, the boy who accidently struck and killed their son, tries to make amends with Becca and Howie. Douglas Towers, who plays Jason, does an amazing performance as an awkard high school student in a terrible situation,  and he wants to do right by the parents by dedicating a story he wrote to Danny called “Rabbit Hole.”

Overall, “Rabbit Hole” was a wonderfully emotional show that had you laughing and crying at the same time and truly makes you appreciate the people you love in your life because life is too short to do anything but appreciate.

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