New rule in effect to quiet Huntington Library visitors

Study-DisplayBy Aaman Khan

A new rule has recently been introduced at the Huntington Library on the Ammerman Campus. This rule states that there are only six people allowed to a table, and  any loud people will be escorted out of the library without any warnings.

“This rule was made to provide fairness to everyone in the library, especially those who are trying to study and get their work done,” said a librarian who asked to remain anonymous.

So far security has only escorted one party out of the library since the rule has been implemented.

“There were a lot of students who would just come to hang out with their friends and create a ruckus” another anonymous source stated; “we want the kids to use the library for what it’s made for. Some students don’t have the luxury to go home and study or get their work done because they’re busy attending to other affairs. The least we can do is provide them with is some peace and quiet.”

Many students have understood the importance of this rule and it is very much in effect. This code of conduct was strictly considered after the police were called twice on occasion of disruptive behavior at the library. Groups of 20 were seen disturbing others in the Spring semester of 2013; now during the Fall semester of 2013, fewer groups have been seen and more solo studiers are present at the library.

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