Learn to Control Your Anger

By Kristen Vasquez


            The Brookhaven Youth Bureau is offering a free four day anger management series for Brookhaven residents. This will be taking place on Oct. 22nd, 29th, Nov. 12th and 19th from 3:30pm- 4:30pm. These free anger management classes are for individuals ages 12-21 years old that have trouble controlling their anger. The class will be taking place at Brookhaven Town Hall in Farmingville, NY.

            “Everyone has anger, but it is all about how we channel it”, stated Amy Gironda, one of the Town of Brookhaven’s social workers.

            During the event you will learn tips and tools on how to control your anger. It is simple to sign up; you just make a quick phone call. Also, when you call to sign up you can even let them know of a specific topic you would like them to speak about to personally help you.

            “Do not be afraid to ask your questions or tell your story, you never know you may end up helping someone else”, said Gironda.

            The anger management class is meant to help everyone that walks through the doors. As you are leaving and you feel as though you need further counseling to better oneself you can freely make an appointment with one of the social workers.

            The purpose of the Youth Bureau is to arrange activities for young people only up to age 21. It is funded by the Town of Brookhaven. These anger management courses are one of the many services they supply to the community. They provide various assistance including the hotline support, safe summer programs, counseling, runaway and homeless help, and even student intern placement. The best part of the counseling service is it is free; perfect for people who have insurance that does not have mental health coverage.

            The Youth Bureau is there to help. If you are interested in signing up for the classes you must call or email Paula Federico. Her number is 631-451-3035 and email is pfederico@brookhaven.org. It will be worth the trip for many.

One response

  1. This was really the goodness of the Town of Brookhaven’s social workers. These type of programs will help the youth to control their anger and lead a successful life. Now a days even a small children also showing their anger in a harsh way. This can hurt the people besides them. So it would be better to cope with your anger.

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