27th Annual Halloween Festival Opens Oct. 26

halloween1ByDeandra Martucci

The Halloween season is upon us and the Ammerman Campus shows its spirit as it plays host to the 27th Annual Halloween Festival.

This free festival is open to the public and hosted by the Office of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development programs. The event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 26 from 11 am to 3 pm in the Veteran’s Plaza on the Ammerman Campus. Campus club and organization participants will be accepting non-expired food items that will serve as donations for the colleges F.E.A.S.T Food Pantry. This event provides guests with a variety of events.

Among them is a highly anticipated Haunted House for guests ages 10 and up. Although the Haunted House has an age limit, plenty  of other attractions are available for kids who are not of age.

“Everyone loves the Haunted House and although we can’t allow all the kids in, we do have other things for them to do,” said college student, from the Student Babylon Center.

Things like the Petting Zoo, Inflatable Maze and Reptile World are available to kids of all ages and allow for them to interact with other kids and in some cases animals. When they have seen all of the animals and found their way through the maze they still haven’t witnessed everything.Carnival booths and games setup throughout the plaza for the entirety of the event exist for all to enjoy.

“The school will be providing all of the games/prizes/candy that will be given away at the booths or tables,” said Amie Bernstein, President of the Phi Tau Kappa honor society.

A number of entertainers  including Sword Swallower Roderick Russell and Jester Jim the Juggler hope to be putting smiles on the faces of their audience and sometimes get looks of shock and awe as they perform their tricks. Along with them will be balloon artistry by Wayne, Carol and Guests. For an hour and a half from 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm  a story time segment of the festival, offers guests a chance to listen to Halloween-related stories. Music will be provided by the Stylin’ Sounds DJ from start to finish.

The 27th Annual Halloween Festival hopes to be as successful as it has in the past and serve as a nice family event leading up to the big day on Thursday, Oct. 31.

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