English symposium discusses “Driftglass”

By Jeanine Biggs 

The discussion raged on during the English Department’s annual symposium.

The discussion was held on Wednesday, October 16, by Suffolk County Community college’s English department. The symposium took place in the Islip Arts building at Suffolk’s ammerman campus. The annual event, usually held during the spring semester, was held to discuss the novel “Driftglass” by Sam Delaney. For those unfamiliar with “Driftglass” , it is a collection of Delaney’s first 10 published stories. The work of literature is science fiction based and focused mainly on an aquatic fantasy land, including everything from fishermen to a creature that is both an aquatic species and human.

Before the discussion started, food and drinks were offered to everyone that attended. Nine students and two professors then took to their spots on the stage in front of the lecture hall to begin the discussion. A mediator started it off by asking questions about the work of literature, and the panelists opinions and thoughts on the subject. The questions were first asked at the 11 panelists on stage, and each person was able to answer the question, give their own opinion, or even debate someone else’s opinion. The discussion was then given to the audience, which was composed of professors and students.

” The people made it sound interesting, there were a lot of people, everyone spoke clearly and were loud.” said, freshman Andrea Fonti. The questions given ranged something specific in the book to questions that pertain to everyday life. Some of the questions that were asked included; what is human nature? And do you think the main character regrets his decisions? The discussions of these questions lasted several minuets each, as most of the participants on stage and audience members had their own opinions that they wanted to share in the open forum.

While watching the discussion go on, it became apparent that the students on stage and in the audience had been studying and discussing this topic in their classes for quite some time. Every person had a different answer, idea, opinion, or reasoning  behind some of the questions that were asked. The symposium overall had a good turnout and great participation, which made it exciting to be a part of.

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