Embarrassed of Your School? Nonsense

Ricky Pearsall    

When asked where you go to school some hesitate to say which school it is but

Why is that?????????

Suffolk is considered to be one of the top community colleges there is on Long Island and has led people to achieve great success. Coincidently just the other day a alumni , Keith Dinelli who graduated in 1990 received an emmy  as the producer of the hit television show “the voice”. But why do people still seem ashamed of attending this school? With an interview of a Suffolk student Sean Sweeny he states “ When all your friends go away to large universities and hear about all the stories its hard to enjoy a community college where you go learn than go straight to work.”  As understandable as that sounds people also consider this school to be a 13th grade, which is something that is well illogical. Any school one attends can be just like high school but everyones college experience is different. College is what you make of it no matter where you go if you do your work attend class you will succeed. Suffolk to me is harder than other colleges on the Island for the fact that you are home and working so there’s always going to be the choice of not going to class.

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