Campus Activities Board Hosts Common Hour Activities

By Richard Effinger

Common hour is the ideal time for  students attending the College to get the full experience of their campuses and to see  what is available to students in regards to extra-curricular activities. At the Ammerman Campus, students mingle around the Clock Tower in the middle of the campus, and some students throw a football, kick a hacky sack, and even catch up on homework while soaking up the nice fall weather.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) organizes many events for students to take part in, which occur every Wednesday at 11 am in either the Babylon Student Center, or outside near the Clock Tower. Since 2012  CAB has organized a video which featured a “Harlem Shake” dance which was an iconic dance last year and it was recorded and it went viral on YouTube. A miniature carnival was offered last semester which took place by the Clock Tower, and it featured stands like cotten candy, popcorn, a dunk tank, and many more carnival games. CAB has also organized many concerts and perofrmances by rising artists in the “college” age range.

The Campus Activities Board is a group of students who just enjoy helping out the community and you can do it too! the joining process is simple, attend a meeting and you can be a part of it. a CAB member said to me: “I just enjoy helping out our students at the Ammerman campus and the best part is I get to have fun with it too!”

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