Southampton Building Cafeteria Goes Incognito

By Tyler Tumminelli  
     A hidden cafeteria awaits you in the downstairs of the Southhampton building.  This cafeteria was not meant to be hidden, it is just located in an uncommon spot that is not known to many.
   A lot of suffolk students have been late to class because of having to go out of their way to the cafeteria in the Babylon Student Center.  Most of these situations happen when students have classes in the distant Southhampton building.  Students are unaware of this cafeteria because many students never experience any classes in the basement of that building.
      Although this cafeteria is in an odd spot, if it were more well-known it would be very convenient for students who have classes in the Southhampton building.  Many students have different perspectives of this cafeteria, and two students in particular, answered questions about it.
     “I had no idea a cafeteria existed in here,” said freshman Nick Twohig, who was passing through the main level of the Southampton Building. Twohig said he was very grateful to learn about the basement cafeteria because before class he always gets a Nutrigrain bar, and being aware of the downstairs cafeteria makes it a lot easier for him.
     “I didn’t know about this place until this semester, but it makes things a lot easier when i can buy a cup of coffee in here and head straight to class,”  said sophomore Tyler Hirt, who uses the cafeteria each Monday and Friday on his way to his History of Rock and Roll class,  enforcing the convenience of the cafeteria’s location.
    Both students showed interest in the cafeteria and admitted that the cafeteria does, or can make things easier on them.  This hidden cafeteria is filled with all the essentials.  It has snacks, candy, ready-made sandwiches, coffee, tea, and much more.

One response

  1. I work in the hidden cafeteria and was so plesed to see this article..Besides what you mentioned we can show movies for students who have long break times between classes,Karioke for fun,and it is a very social place.
    Just one error in your article CLOSED on Friday’s

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