The Journey of a Lifetime

By Francesca Barone             
            To go away to college is one journey, but to study abroad is an opportunity and experience you don’t want to miss.  
            At St. Joseph’s College, programs are offered to study in breath taking countries around the world. These countries include: Australia, Ireland, Nicaragua, Greece and Rome. Recently, St. Joseph’s hosted a Global Studies Fair at the Long Island Campus in Patchogue. At this fair faculty leaders and students of programs past and present that you were able to speak with about short-term programs which last seven days or long-term programs which last six months.
            Each program is offered to all students, but there is a process you have to complete to be able to study abroad through St. Joseph’s. Four key essentials are necessary to begin to prepare for the Study Abroad program. “The college needs a grade point average of at least one semester to approve you and the average needs to be a 2.5 or higher,” Linda Lubranski, the Global Studies head coordinator, states. Lubranski continues to explain to me is that you do not need to have a declared major, but you need to meet with an academic adviser and all your classes must be approved by a dean. Studying abroad is expensive and Lubranski says that there are scholarship opportunities students are eligible to apply. “Financial aid can help support your decision to study abroad. They cover your credits abroad just like they would cover your credits at your home campus.”
            Lubranski also says to make sure you have a student visa and a passport and make sure you do this in an appropriate time prior to the trip. “The process for the passport and the student visa are sometimes more aggravating and more stressful than the abroad application process,” Lubranski, jokes.
            If this sounds like an experience for you, visit the Global Studies Office at St. Joseph’s and speak with Linda Lubranski. If you want to do independent research first, you can always visit the St. Joseph’s website and click the Global Studies link. Studying abroad is a once and a lifetime chance. Take advantage of these opportunities while you are young, it’s a journey to hold onto forever.

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  1. Hi SJC Students and Francesca,

    A few of the quotes above are inaccurate. There isn’t a GPA requirement for St. Joseph’s students studying abroad. Some of the schools abroad have a GPA requirement, but not St. Joseph’s.

    I didnt describe the Global Studies application or visas as aggravating, but I did say they are time consuming.My essential point about visas and passports is that the study abroad process is not for people who are slightly commited because the processes require coordination and persistence, but the process is well worth it. On a side note,some countries do not have visa requirements. The Global Studies application is getting streamlined, and is necessary. If anyone wants further information about study abroad opportunities or wants help navigating the processes, please visit the Global Studies Office and/ or email.

    Linda Lubranski

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